Kansas City art schools provide a balance of education and cultural experience for students interested in earning an advanced degree in the arts. Situated in the Great Plains and bordered by eight states, Kansas City, Missouri is a rare gem of a community offering multiple colleges, universities and institutes offering a wide range of artistic programs for today’s art major.

In today’s age of computer animation and electronic accessibility the art industry has evolved and expanded to create a larger and more diverse demographic of artist and patron.  Today’s art degrees offer graduates a world of career diversity. Some may choose jobs designing video games for large corporations such as Microsoft. Others may choose to work for advertising agencies, architectural firms, fashion merchandising organizations, or even photography studios, to name a few options. 

Kansas City, Missouri offers a balance of community culture and universities to ensure students can achieve their artistic goals. The city is home to at least eight area art colleges, universities or institutes offering advanced degrees – Associate of Arts, Bachelor of Arts or Master of Arts degrees. The largest, the University of Missouri at Kansas City, operates a College of Arts and hosts a music conservatory, as well as offering many other art programs, including Philosophy, Theatre, Architecture, and Design.  The Kansas City Art Institute began as a sketch club in 1885, and now offers degrees in applied arts, with programs in Animation, Art History, Writing, Photography, Filmmaking, Painting and Graphic Design, to name a few.  Avila College, MidAmerican Nazarene University, Rockhurst University, Central Missouri University, Brown Mackie College, and Vatterott College Kansas City Campus also offer art degrees specializing in a wide variety of programs.

All of these colleges offer students a broad selection of programs specializing in a wide range of artistic subjects, including creative arts and design, advertising , animation/visual effects, architecture, liberal arts, media arts, sculpture, commercial and fine art, fashion design and technology, fine art, graphic design, game design, illustration, vocal and instrumental development, industrial design, interior architecture & design, multimedia communications, motion pictures & television, photography, web design, and media graphic design.  As well as a wide range of subjects, students can work towards Associate of Arts, Bachelor of Arts, or Masters of Arts degrees, depending on their career goals and objectives.

In addition to extensive academic opportunities, Kansas City colleges work to balance studio time with real-life experiences.  Bordered by eight states, Kansas City is a dynamic community with a vibrant arts scene and eclectic mix of artistry that provides students hands-on experience. 

Kansas City offers art students a wonderful community in which to explore their interests and foster their education. The city is home to countless galleries, festivals and fairs, such as the Plaza Art Fair that takes place every autumn and draws crowds of over 300,000 people. This 75-year old event, along with the Brookside Art Fair, highlights the work of local and state artists, as well as rising art students. In addition to the wide variety of galleries and museums, the city is rich in jazz history and is home to several theatre, dance and performing art venues.

The city’s most recognized museum, the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, exhibits over 5,000 masterpieces by American and European artists, and is also home to the Kansas City Sculpture Park. Students should plan to visit the Kemper Museum of Contemporary along with a long list of impressive galleries, including The Blue Gallery, Cube at Beco, the Sherry Leedy Contemporary Art Gallery, and the Leedy Voulkos Art Center.

Students can find the heart and soul of artistic education in the nation’s Great Plains region, specifically Kansas City, Missouri.  The community offers prospective art students opportunities to experience not only an education in art, but a rich artistic culture spanning several generations pulling from eight states. Whether working towards a Bachelor of Arts degree in Architectural Design, or striving to become a world-class photographer, the Kansas City universities and community foster the perfect mix of education and environment. 


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