Jon Beinart is an artist that is best known for his highly imaginative Toddlerpede sculptures. Beinart creates these intricate sculptures using spare doll parts, arranged into incredibly interested centipede-like structures, inspired by insect species and mythological creatures. Beinart also draws, paints, and publishes books on various contemporary artists that inspire his work. Like his Toddlerpede creations, his paintings and drawings also feature a fascination with small worlds and intricate design. Beinart also encourages his audience to participate in the creation of the Todderpedes. Visit his website to learn more about how to donate any used or unwanted dolls for use as art materials.

Jon Beinart’s work has been recently featured in both group and solo exhibitions at Los Angeles’ Gallery 1988, the Coprogallery in Santa Monica, and at 696 Gallery in Melbourne, Australia. Visit his website or Facebook fan page to find examples of recent works and other related projects. Beinart also hosts an online surreal art collective that features not only his works, but the work of other surrealist, psychedelic, and visionary artists. To learn more, follow Beinart on Twitter or visit his Facebook fan site.

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