Internet marketing schools require students to complete courses in business, marketing, accounting, and technology. Coursework may also include economics, Internet-specific concepts, social media advertising, writing for online environments, web advertising, website programming, graphic and multimedia design, website design, analytics, and search engine optimization techniques. These courses develop strong traditional marketing skills, while also providing the necessary skills to create, implement, and analyze internet marketing strategies. Courses in communications and business writing develop presentation and critical thinking skills necessary for developing successful advertising campaigns and business plans. Some programs also provide training that allows students to sit for industry certification exams on web design, computer software, or applications. Certification is optional. Depending on what your ultimate career goals may be, certification can provide further assurance of technical expertise and can strengthen a resume.

Earning an internet marketing degree can lead to careers as search engine optimization, or SEO, specialists, website developers, marketing analysts, advertising associates, or internet marketing researchers. Other occupations associated with this degree include editors, public relations managers, e-commerce sales representatives, and web administrators. More and more businesses are turning to internet marketing and sales, jobs and according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, careers within the marketing industry are growing at a rate that is similar to the average for all occupations.

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