Thinking of a career in interior design? Becoming an interior designer is a much sought after career choice, and jobs in this exciting industry continue to be on the rise. The role of an interior designer is to use his/her creative vision and technical skills to create a space that fits the client’s goals. Interior designers can work with other design professionals such as architects and building contractors to ensure that the interior space they are working on is not only aesthetically pleasing but functional as well.

Your first step toward your new career path should be choosing one of the interior design schools in New Jersey where you can get your degree. Start by researching some top New Jersey interior design schools to see which one will best suit your needs. There are many colleges and universities in New Jersey that offer interior design courses. In addition, there are accredited long-distance learning programs which offer design courses in New Jersey as well. Regardless of the interior design school in New Jersey you choose, you will receive the top-notch education necessary to become a qualified professional in this rewarding industry.

A bachelor’s degree from one of the accredited interior design schools in New Jersey is required to become a licensed designer. To receive your bachelor’s degree in interior design, you will need to complete the four-year program. This will give the graduate the most choices and opportunities within the field. Students in the bachelor’s program of interior design will learn to incorporate a variety of disciplines including residential, workplace, and institutional design. For those students who wish to become more specialized in a specific area, such as green design, they may choose to further advance their education with a master’s degree.

Becoming a recognized interior design professional requires certification by the National Council for Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ). The NCIDQ is the governing body for qualification in North America. Once you have met the six-year combined education and work experience prerequisite, you will take a two-day certification exam based on the knowledge you’ve gained. The written exam consists of topics such as safety codes and building standards. The second part of the exam is a hands-on project where you will put your interior design skills to practical use. Your interior design school in New Jersey should be able to prepare you to pass the exam.

Almost every room we see has met an interior designer at some point in its history. Whether you choose to use your interior design degree to work in corporate settings such as in hotels and healthcare facilities, or to work in a residential setting, there is no shortage of places in need of qualified interior designers. There is also no shortage of ways to incorporate your design skills into the spaces you choose to work. Some interior designers choose to specialize in residential bathroom design, giving their clients a functional dream bathroom. Others may want to work more with the flow of energy within a space and incorporate feng shui into corporate office design. The only limit is your creative vision.

The choice to become an interior designer is a challenging and rewarding one. By choosing a top interior design school in New Jersey and working hard, you will be well on your way to being a success in this exciting field.


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