Individuals who want to attend one of the interior design schools in Alabama have a number of viable options. Studying interior design in Alabama means that students have a number of inspirations right at their fingertips. Alabama has a little bit of everything, from beautiful natural landscapes to large urban cities, as well as several museums, studios, and galleries.

There are a number of interior design schools in Alabama to choose from throughout the state, in both urban environments and more suburban. Students who wish to become professional interior designers will be required to meet the standards set by the National Council for Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ) and take the NCIDQ exam. Interior design schools in Alabama will help students master the skills and knowledge necessary to pass the exam as well as aid in career placement services that can help students find work after they graduate. This is especially helpful for students as they look to find that first job after graduation.

Students attending a traditional four-year university and majoring in interior design can also consider adding another major to their studies. For example, students can choose to also study business, as this additional degree can help them if it is their career goal to create their own interior design business. For students who do not want to make the full-time and monetary commitment to attend a four-year college, they can choose one of the many community colleges or technical schools which offer associate degree programs in interior design. Students in Alabama can also take online courses towards an interior design degree.

No matter what interior design schools in Alabama students choose to attend, they can expect to cover several areas of study including residential design, commercial design, contract design, healthcare design, kitchen and bath design, space planning, and facility management. More importantly, students will receive guidance from instructors who are experts in the interior design field. The hands-on training that students receive from professionals who have worked in these areas is essential for students as they attempt to master the skills needed to be a successful interior designer. Interior designers do much more than just decorate an interior space. They can be called on to consult in the initial design as well as construction and must understand the materials, electrical wiring, safety codes, and color palettes that go into creating a beautiful and efficient indoor space.

As Alabama interior design students make their way through school, they will need to create a professional portfolio of their best work. This portfolio will be essential for students as they search for a job after they graduate. Many schools have students take classes specifically in designing and creating their portfolio. During the course of their education, students at interior design in Alabama are often encouraged or required to do internships. This allows students to gain real experience, take on tangible projects, and see what it is really like to work as an interior designer. For students attending interior design schools in Alabama, they can be assured that they will get the proper training and experience to succeed as interior designers in the workforce.


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