This article gives you an overview of your career in interior design and what you can expect after joining the course.

Interior design is a profession that enhances the beauty and quality of any interior physical space using technical, creative, imaginative and artistic solutions. Interior designer professionals utilize their knowledge and skills in developing a safe, functional and aesthetically pleasing surrounding as per the needs of the end user. You can call them artistic engineers who with their artistic beauty and brains makes a normal space into a energetic and lively place. Interior designers are persons with unique skills who are required to have thorough knowledge of the project like analysis of the design, planning space, furnishings, the total cost involved, components to be used and electrical knowledge. Apart from all these, they should have team spirit, as their work would require co-ordination and collaboration with the client and the other design professionals (like architects and various other engineers) involved in the project to ensure a safe design. It’s a field where you are given training in advance about the preparation of drawings and documents with respect to the design of the interior space. Such distinguished skill makes interior designer a person different from interior decorator.

Are you interested in pursuing a career in interior design? The first step is to identify whether you are interested in enhancing your physical surroundings. For example:- how much interested are you in redesigning the interior of your workspace or a study room or a bedroom or any of your favorite hot spots? If the answer to this question is “Yes”, then definitely it is a field where you can try your hands on.

Interior designers can do specialization in any area of interior design. It could be in type of building space (residential/ commercial), health care facility, security, electronics and home theater, furniture’s that provide good posture support, interior space for movement of elderly and disabled persons and environmental friendly designs. After successful completion of their course, they can choose to work either independently or get employed by some organizations. When you work for some organization, you have regular clients and well-defined working hours. But when you freelance or do business on your own, you have to be on regular search for new clients to maintain your income. The profile of interior designer would involve some travel like traveling to client’s location to have a better understanding of the work. Just like how medical practitioners are required to give an exam to get license, similarly interior designers can give NCIDQ (National Council For Interior Design Qualification) exam, which would mean that the individual has met the minimum desired standard to start his practice.
Now days there are various colleges/ Universities available, which offer the course of interior designing, but before joining any one do your homework properly. You should try to find out what is their specialization, their accreditations, course duration, total tuition fees and the type of placement offered. It’s a good idea to always consult a faculty member as this would give you knowledge about the various programs offered and the program that you can opt for as per your field of interest. You can also find out from the financial aid office available at colleges about the financial aid/ scholarships availability as well as the eligibility for the aid process. It is always better to do some home task to make the right career decision.

Good Luck!

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