If you are looking for Interior Design classes in Illinois we have compiled a comprehensive list of courses from schools across the area. Feel free to browse these Interior Design classes in IL and search for schools to request information:

American Academy of Art

American Academy of Art is where you can get an edge in building a successful interior design career. We are known as one of the top interior design schools because the most respected professionals train our students.

3DA306 Materials Creation and Mapping for 3-D Artists

This course offers further exploration of the materials creation and texture mapping process using industry-standard software such as 3-D Studio Max and Photoshop. Through a series of demonstrations, tutorials and related assignments, students will gain an understanding of the techniques used to create beautiful and convincing textures. In addition to setting up lights, atmospheres, particle systems and cameras in building believable textures, students will also broaden their skills through an exposure to an array of painting techniques and methods that can be utilized in the creation of textures on multiple surfaces. Rendering techniques and compositing options with respect to materials and mapping in 3-D will also be discussed.

3DA310 Advanced Environmental Modeling and Architectural Procedures

This advanced section of the 3-D modeling courses is the second part of the introduction to environmental modeling class. In addition to continued creation of planned/designed environments (real world and fantasy), many artistic and technical challenges are addressed, such as understanding perspective, modeling architecture and creating environmental model textures. With successful completion of this course, students will have complete environmental projects for portfolio display.

ART104 World Art

This course focuses on the central role of art in world societies. A broad range of aesthetic expression, including painting, sculpture, architecture, textiles, mask and body decoration, will be explored. Emphasis will be placed on art from India, Southeast Asia, Africa and the cultures of the South Pacific Islands. The development of the 39 visual arts and their contextualization within their social, economic and historical milieu, as well as evidence of cross-cultural commonalities, will be examined.

International Academy of Design and Technology

The Interior Design program prepares students to develop creative and technical solutions for interior spaces that meet aesthetic and functional requirements while addressing safety, regulatory, and environmental concerns. Students will apply the fundamentals of art and design, theories of design, “green design”, and an understanding of human behavior to their design solutions. Critical thinking, research, analysis, documentation, and drawing and presentation skills are incorporated in the design process. Students have an opportunity to explore creativity through the selection of colors, materials and finishes, textiles, lighting solutions, furnishings, and other interior elements to solve design problems.

INTR 203 Textiles

This course examines the technical, tactile and visual qualities of fabric. Manufacturing techniques, analysis of weave techniques, texture, color and application of textiles in design will be covered. Learning experiences include the opportunity to design and application of textiles to a variety of design projects.

INTR 105 Drafting

This course provides an introduction to manual drafting techniques, with the focus on terminology and process. Learning experiences will include the opportunity to letter architecturally, describe and graphically construct interior floor plans, elevations, and other basic interior construction documents.

INTR 220 Digital Media for Interior Design

This course will cover a variety of illustration softwares to create renderings and enhance photographs, hand drawings and other graphic images. Manual and digital visual presentation techniques will be covered.

INTR 130 Sketching and Rendering

This course explores a variety of presentation techniques for interior design including sketching, freehand drawing and rendering processes through a variety of media. The development of drawing techniques including the representation of perspective, volume, scale, and space will be covered. Presentation concepts may include alternative approaches to layouts, boards, and materials used to convey design solutions.


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