If you are interested in creative design and hands-on projects, a career in Industrial Design may be for you. The first step is finding an accredited Industrial Design School to help you achieve your dream.

Are you a highly visual person who enjoys creating bold projects that capture people’s attention? If so, then a career in Industrial Design may be right for you. Are you interested in designing the next hot toy for kids? How about working on the design for the newest concept automobile? Or working with an interior designer on the latest trend in furniture? Companies all over the world need help designing, modeling, and creating a finished product to present to consumers. Industrial Designers must be able to take an idea from concept to reality, in an efficient, cost effective manner, while taking into account the feasibility of the basic design process. It is important for an Industrial Designer to have a professional portfolio to showcase their work and demonstrate their skills to potential employers and clients. An Industrial Design School must also stress the importance of executing projects using both hand and digital tools, as both are important skills in today’s market. It is important to be able to communicate your creative ideas in a professional and concise manner, which allows you to connect with your intended audience.

When choosing a college for Industrial Design, it is critical that the college be accredited. Regional and National accreditation is taken into account for financial aid and when transferring credits from other colleges. Programmatic accreditation ensures future employers that your education conforms to specific industry standards. There are many different schools which are accredited in Industrial Design, and it would be a difficult task to determine which school is the best. It is important to research all aspects of each college thoroughly. Your decision should depend on many different considerations including location, cost, and extra-curricular activities. It is important to find a school that you can enjoy attending while you get your education.

In order to find an Art School with an Industrial Design Program that will be a good fit for you, it is important to consider many factors. Who are the Faculty, and what are their qualifications? What types of facilities are offered by the school to their Industrial Design students? Are classes hands-on and do they stress personal creativity? What grants and scholarships are available specifically to Industrial Design students? Is there an internship program in a certain genre that interests you? What type of job placement service does the school offer to its students? Are there Alumni of the program working in fields that you would enjoy? All top Industrial Design Schools will be able to answer these questions, and provide you with a wealth of information on why you should attend their school.

Whether you ultimately find a career as a Model Maker, a Studio Assistant, an Illustrator, an Exhibit Builder, or a Product Designer, a solid education at an accredited school for Industrial Design is the first step. Such a school will be able to provide you with a technical skill base and the problem-solving ability to obtain a position at an industry-leading firm, and launch your career as an Industrial Designer!

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