Yes, if you are interested to study and work as an industrial designer, it is important to know beforehand the job scope of such a position. What are the tasks and responsibilities of an industrial designer? Would you enjoy working as one? Would the industrial design job description suit you?
As you may know, you can take up an industrial designer course at any art school in US. But, it is important to enroll into a good one. A reputable art school would have accreditation by The National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD). The school should also be a member of Association of Independent Colleges of Art and Design.  A NASAD accredited art school is considered to provide training & education of high quality.
Briefly, the job description for industrial design is to turn ideas into design concepts that are attractive, functional and conforming to costs and other requirements. There is a broad spectrum of products that can use an industrial designer‘s expertise, from a hand phone to a simple gardening tool!
Industrial design career description include responsibilities such as working with clients to fulfill design requirements, conceptualizing ideas and models into designs and taking an active role in product testing. As an industrial engineer, you will have to work with the clients to ensure that the design conforms to specific requirements and budget constraints. This is a continual process which may involve some modifications to your proposed designs until final approval by the clients. 
With regards to manufactured products, you also have to talk to key people like engineers, sales/ marketing representatives and production personnel. On top of that, you may have to read up publications or attend exhibitions to get an overall idea before producing an appropriate design.
But then, creating a design is not as simple as it seems. You need to have highly creative skills to produce a good design. For an industrial design career, you should really love creating new ideas and thinking of them. Yes, your imaginative and creative skills are truly needed! These happen to be the topmost requirements.
Of course, in today‘s modern technology world, it is important to have technical skills as well. Your training and experience in art school using CAD (Computer-aided Design) is very useful. Most probably, you might have to come up with three dimensional designs. And then, there is the matter of your presentation to your clients. It should be more professional looking rather than mere pencil drawn sketches!
As you may have noted, being a good team player is vital. Since you have to interact with people like clients, engineers and others, acquiring the skill of working together is an asset to produce the best of designs!
To put it briefly, industrial design job description suits those who are artistic in nature and love technology. Creating a design is an art for those who love new ideas and innovations! If you fall into this category and think that you can face up to the responsibilities of working as an industrial designer, then, go for it!

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