Companies are always in need to develop a charming and attractive product that sells and it is an Industrial designer who assist in creating new and updated designs for various consumer products. A career in this field requires professionals to assist manufacturers in their quest for beauty, undertake client surveys, visit exhibitions, interact with shoppers and take guidance from current trends to improve on the existing shape of an item. 


Industrial design career requires at least a Bachelor degree while most students find it more convenient to have at least a Master in Industrial design. There are numerous schools and specialized institutions that provide the necessary skills to succeed in this intensely competitive field. The outlook and jobs for new graduates with technical or CAD skills makes them better prepared for a thriving career.

These professionals are mostly hired by private companies that are in constant need to redesign their existing brand. As more people get a better understanding of the lucrative and potentially rewarding career, the need to acquire more technical skills beside a degree is gaining importance. Schools are actively assisting students to create portfolios to highlight their works in order to gain better job opportunities.

After Graduation

Most students look to launch their careers by an internship. Many industrial designers get their first job offers from the various internships.  Due to the technical nature and consistent demand, experts recommend not missing on volunteer and unpaid positions. While in college, these work experiences provide greater networking opportunities and a chance to showcase their talents. Dream jobs for most industrial designers are those where they hold intimate knowledge of the products they like, themselves.

Work Environment

It is an intense career. Workers are expected to handle pressure from clients who need their work done in a specified time frame.  Usually, industrial designers work in a clean office environment while visiting manufacturers and other designers to assist in their duties. The nature of the job involves changing shape, size, weight, color and other attributes by using computer simulated models. Before the actual launch, large companies often ask their designers to do further research that may include carrying out safety tests and model creation to gauge a better understanding of consumer tastes. Apart from physical products, computer aided designs help to create eye-catching logos, multimedia presentations and advertising ads.


Examples of jobs in this career include working on every aspect of the automobile design during its manufacturing stage. Modifications are needed to work on different specifications including interior and exterior auto designs. One of the most successful products of industrial designers is the Apple iPod and Mini Cooper. 

Job Outlook & Salary

According to the US bureau of labor statistics the job growth for industrial designers will remain average until the year 2016. A career in Industrial design is expected to provide seven percent more jobs then at present.  In United States, there were approximately 50000 industrial designers in 2007 who earned slightly more than $52,000 annually.  Career advancement in industrial design is directly related to the years of experience. On average, anyone within 0-2 years earns anywhere from $40000 to $52000 while more experienced designers with 4 or more years earn at least $60000.

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