Although Indianapolis may be widely known for the ever popular race extravaganza Indy 500, it is covertly steeped deep in heritage, history and art. Home to the famous Walker Theater and countless national monuments, this city’s picturesque views create inspiration for aspiring artists. Festivities and cultural events cater to many distinctive tastes ranging from the fashionista’s Midwest Fashion Week, to the music lover’s Indy Jazz Fest, to the sports fanatic’s headquarters of the NCAA. Each season offers a number of exciting events throughout the city that can accommodate the most particular visitor. 

Many individuals who come to this fine city are adventure-seeking students who attend one of the quality universities in the area. These schools draw students from all backgrounds and disciplines. A student seeking classes in photography has a choice of renowned art schools in the area. The cultural and historical ambience lure artists of all skill levels and mediums. The galleries, cemeteries, parks and even the sporting events present fabulous and rich subjects to capture and translate into their individual works of art. Even the most novice photography students will be inspired by the beauty of the subjects that are presented throughout the capital. 

The panoramic assortment of culture, heritage and excitement have a magnetic allure that can lead those who relocate for school to decide to stay and settle within the city limits. Real estate is extremely affordable and the opportunities to work in this metropolis are as diverse as the festivities and events it offers. Successful photographers would have credible opportunities as sports photographers in Indianapolis as it is labeled The Amateur Sports and Racing Capital of the World. Other areas of opportunity exist for residents with the local newspaper, the Indianapolis Star. Major industries that dominate the employment sector, such as manufacturing, health care, and retail trade also present prospective employment. This diverse city filled with an array of activities, education, and opportunity for those who are seeking a treasure in the Midwest.

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