There are many excellent choices for an Indianapolis Art School. Whether one is a serious student looking for a career in art or a regular person who would just  like to hone his or her skills, there is an art school in Indianapolis for all interests. .

For the serious student, the art department of the University of Indianapolis might be just the place. Among Indianapolis art schools, it boasts accreditation with the National Association of Schools of Art and Design. They offer a visiting artist every semester, internships within Indianapolis, and studio space for the advanced students. Students can major in Art History, Graphic Design, Art Therapy, or Studio art. Armed with these degrees, a student may find careers as an artist, gallery director, museum curator, or even a career in Graphic Design.

Indianapolis also boasts the Herron School of Art and Design. Also an accredited art school, the Herron School is a part of IUPUI or Indiana University—Purdue University Indianapolis. To study here at this art school in Indianapolis, a student could pursue not only a bachelor’s degree, but also a master’s degree. The Herron School also offers an international travel program as part of the course of study. The budding artist can take classes in art education, ceramics, sculpture, or visual communication design, among other degrees. After leaving the Herron School, a student could become an art teacher, a professional artist, or work in corporate communications.

But perhaps the student wants a more practical course of study from an Indianapolis Art School. If that is the case, Indiana University offers both a bachelor’s and a master’s in Arts Management. Armed with this training, the student could graduate to managing a theatre, a local arts program, or become a volunteer coordinator.

Also along the lines of more practical courses of study, The Art Institute and ITT Technical Institute both maintain campuses in Indianapolis. The Art Institute offers not only courses in design, but also fashion and retail management. ITT Tech offers mainly classes drafting and design. The student may go on to design web pages, draft blueprints, manage retail venues, the list is endless. As art schools in Indianapolis, both provide valuable and marketable training for the student who wants a creative career.
However, if by arts the student means theatre or performing arts, then Butler University is the school for them. With a heavier concentration on dance and theatre, the arts management student will learn how to manage and administer the performing arts. Perhaps the student will go on to run a theatre, a dance troupe, or an actors studio. Butler University offers small classes and plenty of performances for the student to learn as he goes.

Finally, for the regular person who just wants to hone art skills for their personal enjoyment, the Indianapolis Art Center offers classes for all ages. With a faculty made up of professional artists, the layperson will enjoy learning to paint, sculpt, or work with ceramics. It is the only art school in Indianapolis to offer memberships for further involvement. 


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