Most artists discovered their talent at a young age.  From the time they touched their first crayon, molded a piece of clay, danced to the rhythm of a beat or tickled the keys of a piano, something within them clicked.  In elementary school, their creations stood out from other students.  In high school, they obtained the lead role in the school play.  However, many with the creativity, talent and desire did not pursue their dreams mostly because of lack of proper guidance and education. 

A student of the arts requires individualized attention in a positive atmosphere where they can develop their talent.  For instance, a singing talent needs a teacher that understands and has the mind and temperament of a singer.  A fashion designer needs a teacher with a vision for beauty.  Can you imagine President Barack Obama teaching Fred Astaire how to improve his dancing?  The President is certainly intelligent and gifted; however, he has yet to exhibit expertise in the art of dance.  While traditional education may be useful for traditional pursuits such as doctors, lawyers or accountants, an artist is anything but traditional. 

Indiana has many art schools and institutions of higher education that offer individualized guidance to students that are serious about developing their creative abilities. Indiana University is just one school with an excellent art program.  The University also maintains an art gallery where students can display their artistic works. Manchester College is another Indiana Art School that offers Associate Degrees in graphic design, painting and photography.  An Indiana Art School where you can obtain a Bachelors Degree in theater or art history is the University of Notre Dame located in Notre Dame, Indiana.  I also hear they have a gifted football program. 

The Art Institute of Indianapolis has an extensive art program.  If baking and cooking are more than a chore or a hobby for you, The Art Institute of Indianapolis has various educational programs in the culinary arts.  Their program extends beyond the basics of cooking and educates students in the financial aspects of running a prosperous restaurant. 

Many of the recent movie box office hits are animated the Art Institute of Indianapolis has an animation program that prepares students for careers in animation.

People often describe artist as gifted and creative; however, their gift may not reach its full potential without guidance and education.  Many famous painters, sculptors, dancers and actors served as an apprentice or student of the artist they most admired.  Students considered it an honor to add education to their natural ability.  An apprentice would watched and admire the works of proven artistic professionals. 

Artists do not have to starve or die before the world discovers their work.   A career in the arts, whether performing arts, visual art or even 21st century digital arts can be lucrative.  The network of artistic professionals that you meet while in pursuit of academic achievement become the links to jobs as actors, painters, sculptors, designers or any other field that requires artistic skills. 

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