Numerous animation alumni from Indiana schools work on the films that children around the world rush to theaters to see – find out how you can prepare for an equally fun career.

Indiana residents tend to be avid supporters of the arts.  From dance troupes and quilters to photographers, digital animation specialists, and media design experts, the state has something to offer everyone.  It’s therefore no wonder that so many animation and entertainment companies have taken up headquarters in the area.  Bloomington has an especially active art community thanks to the local students, and Indianapolis plays host to several famous museums including the Indianapolis Art Center and the Ruschman Art Gallery as well as the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra.  The local culture is teeming with the creativity that inspires animators and other artists.

Indiana hosts an annual forum on careers in the arts, which met for the first time in 2004.  Participants discuss job availability and identification in an effort to make opportunities in the arts accessible to more people.  Right now, there is a growing demand for experts in computer animation and 3D rendering, thanks to companies like The Creative Street Media Group, Cosmic Soup Digital, and Integrity Engineering, Inc.  Students at local Indiana Animation Colleges are able to work with these companies as interns, which generally leads to full-time employment upon graduation.

Animation students who choose to pursue a degree in Indiana enjoy the flexibility the program allows them in taking courses both in-person and online.  Most of the schools encourage students to specialize in animation for game or graphic design, as those are currently the top two art programs nationwide.  Beginning students have a moderate course load, including 2D and 3D Animation, Background Painting, and Visual Effects.  Some of the more advanced courses that students can enroll in as they specialize in one area are Cartooning, Character Design, Digital Compositing, and Stop Motion Animation.

Indiana Animation Colleges offer several different degrees including Certificates, Associates Degrees, Bachelor of Fine Arts, and Master of Fine Arts.  Each of the programs requires students to master the fundamentals of the animation trade, preparing them to deliver high-quality work for companies like Disney, Pixar, and Sony Imageworks.





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