A California Illustration school, Your Dream Come True.

Getting a degree in illustration allow for occupations ranging from freelancing cartoons, to storyboards for movies. California illustration schools are ideal due to their networking possibilities and serene location.   

If you consider drawing not just another way to pass the time, but a skill that you are passionate about, you may have you often wished there was a way to make a living from your favorite hobby. Stop dreaming, because the reality is there are many opportunities to market your illustration skills. Obtaining a degree at a California illustration school can help you do just that!

Some of the best Illustration schools in the country are located in California, and what better place to kick start your career than a degree from a top rated California illustration school? Whether you fancy traditional illustration, fashion illustration, digital illustration or anything in-between, a career training course at a California illustration school can meet your artistic needs. Attending California illustration school has many advantages. Advantages range from the banal, such as wonderful weather and beautiful scenery, to the more relevant advantage of being a hub of vast creativity.

One of the largest benefits of getting a degree in illustration would be your ability to freelance once you have finished your degree. Freelancing gives you the ability to work with a customer, maintain deadlines and produce work based on guidelines, all from within your home. Freelance jobs range from commercial art, to illustrating comics and children’s books. Whether you get your degree from a California illustration school while concentrating on one of these subjects, or if you just get a more general degree, the freelance opportunities are endless.

If freelancing doesn’t seem appealing, you always have the option to break off on your own. One of the top California illustration schools, The Art Center College of Design, provides you with the skills you need to create an independent career. An independent career would include creating your own comic strip, illustrating your own zine or book, or marketing drawings that you create independent of instruction or customer requests.

If you have a special place in your heart for film, there is no better place for you than a California illustration school. Attending a California based illustration school would be especially useful if you have always desired to work in the film industry, but knew your acting wouldn’t cut it. One way to utilize your illustration skills to obtain work in the film industry would be to cater your education around illustrating storyboards. Storyboards are created before filming to help the cast and crew visualize what the director has in mind for his film. The Academy of Art, located in San Francisco, is networked with many well known movie firms, such as Warner Bros. and Pixar. Getting a degree at that California illustration school comes with the benefits of pre-established networking that isn’t as readily available elsewhere.

The beautiful surroundings, as well as endless networking opportunities created from attending a California illustration school, provide an ideal location for your education. Whether you crave a face paced career in Hollywood, or a more laid back freelancing lifestyle, a California illustration school can provide you with advantages and opportunities that you never thought possible.

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