You’re creative and have quite skilled hands. You can communicate ideas and feelings through your work. Illustrators use their skills in creating images to transmit ideas and conjure emotions in their audience. Your skill to do so may have made you decide to be an illustrator and you may be interested in knowing the current illustration salaries. 

There are some factors that affect illustration salaries. Not all illustrators receive the same amount of money, even within the same company. Working out average illustration salaries can be tricky since most illustrators do freelance work. I will give you an overview of illustration salaries taking into account all the factors that come into play. 

The first factor is the location. Illustration salaries for people working in cities are higher than for those working in smaller towns. This could be due to the demand for illustrators in larger cities as compared to smaller towns. Illustration salaries also vary from one state to the next and from one country to another. For example, according to the Salary Assessor database, the average figure when it comes to illustration salaries in Phoenix is about $48 000 while the average in New York is $50 000. In a country such as the U.K illustration salaries are not paid as lump sum at the end of the month. Many illustrators work on a freelance basis and are paid per job. 

Illustration salaries are also dependent on the company you are working for. There are some design studios that prefer to hire their own illustrators on a permanent basis. Some companies hire their own illustrators for marketing purposes or for preparing presentations. Illustration salaries are lower if you are working for a company. The design studio must get something from the amount of money they were paid for the job you did for the client. This is one reason illustrators prefer to work on a freelance basis. Illustration salaries are higher for freelance illustrators since you will get all your money without deductions. 

The nature of the benefits a company or agency offers its illustrators will automatically affect the illustration salaries paid to the company employees. You will earn more in a company that will throw in house allowance and other allowances than you would in a company that pays you only your salary. 

Lastly, illustration salaries are dependent on the level of experience of the illustrators. As mentioned earlier illustration salaries for freelance work are much higher than for work done under the employment of a studio or organization. Getting work as a freelancer requires a strong portfolio. This requires a good amount of experience. 

When starting off as a freelance illustrator many find that illustrations salaries are irregular and low. Ensuring that you keep your deadlines gives you a good reputation with your clients and could help in increasing the amount of money you receive from them. Be patient and keep the fire burning. Your salary will rise as you gain footing in the industry. All it takes is patience and hard work!

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