Illustration is a form of art in which a graphic artist creates a visual depiction to accompany a body of writing. This visual depiction is created to enhance enjoyment, as well as, capture and invoke an emotional response from the reader. Illustration has changed dramatically over time. Centuries ago, illustration consisted only of drawings created from ink, oil and watercolor paintings, wood carvings, and linoleum cuts. Today, illustrations are no longer limited to hand sketched drawings. Computer programs like Adobe Illustrator and Macromedia Freehand have made it easier than ever to create and edit custom designs with the push of a button. 

     There are many different career paths that an illustrator can choose to pursue once they have completed a formal training program. Illustrators can create art for children’s books, design characters for comic books, produce artwork for greeting cards, undertake technical illustration, and even work in advertising. I have chosen to pursue the field of illustration because I am passionate about character design. This form of illustration focuses on creating and drawing characters that can be used in cartooning and comic books. It has been a childhood dream of mine to create and bring to life characters that many people will find inspirational and entertaining. Through research, I discovered the wealth of opportunities that are available in the illustration field. This field will allow me to use my creativity in a way that other career paths would not permit. It also allows me to live the type of lifestyle I enjoy with an annual salary ranging from $37,000 to $68,000.

     The Academy of Art University in San Francisco, California is the school of my choice in my quest to enroll in a formal illustration program for three reasons. First, the School of Illustration at the Art University offers both Undergraduate and Graduate degree programs. They also offer online degree options to earn an Associate, Bachelors, or Masters Degree in Illustration. Second, the University offers a wide variety of illustration courses. Course topics range from an overview of Art History to how to prepare and present my portfolio to potential employers. New courses are constantly being added to the curriculum, so I can rest assured that the most up to date methods and techniques are being taught. These courses are taught by top instructors in the industry who can help me develop and fine tune my skills. Third, the University has many opportunities for its students to meet and network with industry professionals. They offer an online database of employers who are looking to hire qualified candidates. They also host a Spring Show Industry Reception every May to showcase the work of their students to local industry representatives and recruiters.

     In conclusion, I desire to attend the illustration program at the Academy of Art University. This University offers the most up to date technology and methods being used in the industry today. I know I will receive the hands on experience that I need to be successful in my endeavors.

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