Illustration College Choices for a Successful Career

A career in Illustration starts with a solid foundation.  Choosing an Illustration College program is the first step to a successful career to take your artistic talents to the job markety

Imagine favorite childhood stories, text books, or that home improvement manual that helped you through your latest project.  Now, imagine it with just the black and white words on pages without fanciful drawings or informative diagrams.  Illustrators bring clarity and interest to our lives with the pictures they create whether it’s a child learning to read, a “do it yourselfer” learning to fix a leaky faucet. A career in graphic arts or Illustration might be a satisfying way to use drawing talents in a career that offers flexibility and a variety of opportunities.  Natural artistic ability and creativity may not be enough to land these jobs; you will need some formal education or training as well. 

Illustration colleges can range from Masters Degree programs to Graphic Design each can provide an entryway into this interesting field.   More than a diploma on the wall, the skills, experiences, and connections gained through formal education are invaluable to your success.  In addition to Illustration focused classes, gaining a broader education aids in future research for illustration assignments encountered in the workplace.  Along these lines, it’s important to consider taking classes in life sciences, architecture or computer sciences.  Exposure to the various software applications used in the illustration industry is a critical component to the growing online illustration work for websites.  Additionally, creative writing, marketing or accounting classes can give the opportunity to learn more about the business of the industry. 

Before choosing an illustration college, consider learning more about the career.  Seeking out a little time with local illustrators can provide great insight and a source of advice.  Taking a class at a local college to get a better feel for the degree is another thing to consider.  Students can also prepare for an illustration degree by looking at job listings for illustrators.  Not only will this give some idea of where jobs might be, it may give clues as to what kinds of skills or degrees are in demand or required.  Once the career seems like a good fit, it is time to begin choosing an illustration college.

Four year university programs offer a variety of courses and fine arts concentrations as well as attracting a wide range of professors and students.  Degrees from such programs are typically a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree.  This education gives students illustration training, but also provides a broad education and basics needed for pursuing a Masters in Fine Arts (MFA) if that is desirable. Illustration programs at the university level have higher costs, take longer and may require a move to attend the school.  However, some positions may require a four year degree and having it may mean better jobs and more opportunities for your career. 
Technical school and community colleges are another good option for illustration career training.  These schools offer programs that are more focused on specific skills for the jobs market and are typically more flexible for students.  The course offerings might be more limited, but you are likely to find these affordable programs near where you live, can finish them quicker and course credits can be transferred to a four year program later.

Regardless of what illustration college path chosen, it’s important to keep yourself marketable by learning a variety of techniques and not limit work to just one type of Illustration or industry.  A successful illustration career includes a good education and that begins with learning about the training options that match the kind of career path you are seeking.

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