If you are looking for Illustration classes in Illinois we have compiled a comprehensive list of courses from schools across the area. Feel free to browse these Illustration classes in IL and search for schools to request information:

American Academy of Art

Students in the Illustration program learn to produce work of high quality that is stylistically strong and reproducible. Classes emphasize flexibility, follow-through and a high level of professionalism. 

ILL201 Illustration I

Students concentrate on developing technical competence through instruction in several different media, beginning with pen & ink and marker rendering, then progressing to watercolor, acrylics, oils and other media. Frequent demonstrations and slide presentations assist students in visualizing creative solutions. Students learn to present ideas in a professional manner through reference gathering, both written and visual, thumbnail sketches, refinement of roughs and presentation of finished comps and pencils. The importance of meeting deadlines is stressed throughout all assignments. Group critiques are held on a regular basis to encourage students to talk about their work in an articulate and confident manner.

ILL301 Illustration: Advertising Art

With the instructor serving as art director, buyer or client, this course focuses on illustrative solutions based on art-directed layouts for advertisements done in a variety of sizes. Product development and illustrations for packaging, merchandise and poster design will be covered. Students work in the manner of the freelance illustrator, from contracts, to specific layouts, to realistic deadlines, through billing. In addition to the finished illustration, the working process and its technical products (finished pencils, color comps, corrections and changes) are equally important aspects of each assignment. Throughout, the student is encouraged to develop and work in an individual style and/or medium.

ILL202 Illustration II

In the second semester of Illustration, students prepare for the professional market. They begin by building on the skills developed in their first semester studies. Through vigorous application of several chosen media, they learn to strengthen weaknesses and gain greater insight into a unique personal style. Students are challenged by assignments based on jobs similar to those given in the professional arena, such as advertising, book and editorial illustration. Knowledge of the Chicago market is stressed. The topics of job opportunities, business skills, self promotion and presentation of a portfolio are integrated into the course. By the end of the semester, students concentrate on designing and printing a self-promotional mailer and work on fine-tuning illustrations for their portfolio. One of the most important goals in the class is to build a consistent portfolio that expresses each student’s interests and technical expertise.

ILL402 Advanced Illustration

This course will focus on one final semester of traditional illustrative work done with each student’s unique approach with media, style and technique. Students will personalize and strengthen their final professional portfolio. All projects will be handled as art-directed applications working either as a freelance illustrator or a staff artist, both using realistic deadlines to complete their finished art. Everything done in this class will be “real world” print illustration. The student will concentrate on a more finalized completion of a working portfolio and will be working more independently on all assignments. There will be critiques during the concept stage and on the finished pieces. All assignments will remain deadline-oriented. This process will include the production of thumbnails, roughs, color comps, finished pencils, final art and computer design, including all typography.

International Academy of Design and Technology

The Illustration program is designed to provide students with the advanced conceptual and technical skills needed to enter the field of computer illustration. Utilizing industry standard hardware and software, the illustration student is exposed to a comprehensive course of study in the processes of 2D animation, 3D animation, character development and game art.b

DESIGN 140 Digital Illustration

This course covers the foundations of vector-based artwork in order to create digital illustrations, graphics, and interfaces. Students will have the opportunity to create illustrations and will experiment with type as a graphical element. The differences between vector and raster based artwork will be delineated.

GRAPH 350 Rendering and Illustration

This course will explore advanced vector-based graphics. Appropriate materials and media to achieve special effects with dimensional rendering will also be explored. Specialized techniques, working with deadlines and appropriate client content will be featured topics in this course.

ANMT 115 2DAnimation I

This course explores vector graphics and animation. Principles of design and animation used to create a series of vector illustration pieces and animations will be presented. Interactivity will be introduced.

DESIGN 325 Interface Design

This course covers the skills necessary to produce effective “information design” in a multimedia environment. Design principles, as they relate to the use of typography, photographs, video, illustration, and interface elements, will be explored with the goal of developing designs that effectively deliver content to given audiences.


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