A career in illustration begins with an education at an art school or college. One may have artistic talent but in order to learn how to make a career out of illustration many basic and relevant classes need to be completed. Art schools teach all basic art skills and the student can decide a major subject based on her unique interests. One major subject that has many opportunities for the student is illustration. A degree in illustration is a good choice for talented students who want an interesting and varied career. The outlook is excellent for a career in illustration since there are so many fields to choose from. An illustrator need never be bored, she will constantly be using her creative abilities that were nurtured in college. All of her learning will have prepared her to do well in her career in illustration.

An Illustration career is not only about books and magazines, the fields is extensive and exciting. There are illustration jobs in the fields of medicine, technology, software, advertising and so much more. An illustrator can choose to work in any area that interests her and she can develop expertise as an illustrator in that field. After college or an art program, the graduate may be interested in specializing in a certain area of illustration. While many illustration specialties are taught in art schools, there are some areas which may require taking some extra courses. For example a medical illustrator will need to learn some basic anatomy and medical procedure. A technology illustrator may need some training in that field to be able to draw the diagrams or illustrations needed. Taking the necessary courses and specializing in one area of illustration can give the graduate an career edge. With time and experience, the graduate can become an expert medical or technology illustrator.

Illustrators are in high demand since illustrations are essential for descriptive purposes. Advertising relies heavily on illustration in order to describe the product and exhibit it’s qualities. Illustration is everything in advertising, the illustrator is a key player on the advertising team. Educational texts require illustration to facilitate a better understanding of the subject. The illustrator helps to explain the idea or product and works as a team with the writers, manufacturers and publishers. Every pamphlet, newspaper, magazine, or even window advertisement needs illustrators. The need for advertisers is one reason why an art school student may consider a career in illustration.

The outlook of a career in Illustration incorporates various art forms. Taking a wide range of classes in college or art school will help open the door for more jobs in illustration. Flexibility is important in the creative arts, and especially so with illustration, since the illustrator will be working with others to put out a product or publication. There is a lot of team work involved, with the illustrator working closely with the writers. Those with the outlook that their career should involve teamwork can work for a large company with many advertisers, or join efforts with a children’s story writer. For those that would rather have time to work alone too, there is plenty of online work in illustration, especially when combined with graphic design. There are so many variations to jobs in illustration, a career in illustration is a smart choice for talented art school graduates.

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