As a microcosm of the entire country, Illinois is just one of the starting points of trends in art.

With the characteristics of a rural and small town, Illinois has the charm of home and the excitement of the city. A microcosm of the entire country: state traffic coming through the Port of Chicago which is connected to the Great Lakes. Its close proximity to Canada and the Great Lakes allows for a widely varied climate.

As a historical part of American history, Illinois had a diverse arrangement of museums that focused on historical events: military, aviation, art and cultural communities. Entering into an unknown regional art scene requires research. With organization like the Illinois Arts Council (IAC) and American Society of Interior Designer of Illinois (ASID), understanding the art scene from the perspective of an artist or interior designer is easy. With the city of Chicago being a hub for regional style trends, this state is a ideal place to state your education.

Designing a space for living is a basic definition of Interior Design. Creating a space through knowledge and understanding of an areas purpose that allows for the clients idea to be realized is the core definition.

Pursing a degree in this field attracts creative individuals from painters to architects. Students expand their knowledge of space and aesthetics; creating enhanced spaces for clients. Programs are taught traditional with computerized design skills. Interior Design programs include space planning, sustainability, textiles, lighting, drafting, and color theory.

Graduating from an interior design program can open a career beyond designing a basic room. In Illinois your choices are plentiful. Work as a Drafter or a CAD Drafter in an architectural firm. Or freelance for different commercial or high-end firms as a Mechanical Drafter and manage a project from the business marketing, administration duties, and sales calls. With experience as interior designer, you can serve as an A&D Resource Librarian or Educator.  Your skills can be adapted to any field such as hotel management, architect, and real estate agent. If a job requires the understand of selling a space, area or property you have the qualification for the job.

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