Over the recent years due to various factors, the uptake at vocational and technical schools has risen dramatically. One of these reason may be due to the rapid rise in the cost of university education. Naturally enough with a rise in demand comes a scarcity of availability, namely in the form of technical school scholarships and contests.

There are numerous websites and books about how to win scholarships and contests in order to assist with technical school education costs and ploughing through them can be quite confusing so it’s best to start by looking at the reason why the student needs financial assistance with their technical education. By working in this way it is easier to establish in which, if any, of the technical school scholarships and contests it is more likely that the student will succeed.

State Funded Technical Schools Scholarships/Contests

Many students attending technical schools will be awarded scholarships by the state and these will be awarded only to residents of the state. In a lot of instances, students attending college, even technical school may move out of the parental home in order to attend further education. This will add to the overall costs of living as well as precluding them from gaining this particular arm of assistance. It is worth examining carefully all locally based options for technical school scholarships and contests before making the decision to move away from the home base.

Nationally Awarded Scholarships for Students from Low Income Families

There is a large pool of grant funding from Federal and National sources for students from low income based families. These scholarships are awarded after quite rigorous means-testing and naturally are awarded to individuals on a need basis. In addition to these scholarships to assist with technical school tuition fees it is likely that there would be financial aid to help with living costs.

Technical Trade/Vocation Based Scholarships and Contests

There are a number of grants and scholarships which may be applicable to the would be student of technical school, either through Federal or commercial channels. These may be made available from a national company, for example who may seek to encourage young people into their profession as a means of nurturing that particular technical skill – a computer software company, for instance may make an annual pledge to educate and employ a set number of young people. Assistance with technical tuition fees would be awarded in many instances through some type of contest of skills.

Scholarships and Contests

There is sometimes a subtle difference between a

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