If you wish to pursue a career in interior design, Houston offers countless opportunities for you. To become a full-pledged interior designer, there are solid and credible programs you have to seriously consider enrolling. Houston Industrial Design Schools provide the best training and competency needed for you to become a practicing interior design professional. With credible reputation and top-notch training,and these Houston Industrial Design Schools are mentoring world-class interior design artists and professionals, responsible for creating top of the line eye-popping building and residential interiors, conceptualizing and creating visual arts and popular typography layouts for top companies, advertising campaigns, and product labels in the country today.

One of the top-caliber Houston Industrial Design Schools is the Art Institute of Houston – Interior Design Program in Texas. This school provides a chance to acquire a creative and lucrative career after finishing the interior design program. In today’s competitive environment, studying in one of the Houston Industrial Design Schools provides you with much needed advantages.

Before being admitted in any of these Houston Industrial Design Schools, you are required to go through a regular secondary school education. There are various degree programs that you can choose from. To become a full-pledged interior design artist or professional, you enroll in a regular interior design program. After graduation, if you still want to strengthen your educational credentials and exposure, you may opt to pursue a graduate degree, such as a two-year Master’s degree in Interior Design. If on the other hand, you have no undergraduate degree in Interior Design but still you prefer to pursue a career in this field, you have to enroll in either an Associate degree or a Diploma in Interior Design. Whichever degrees you choose or decide to pursue from any of the Houston Industrial Design Schools, passing the state board is mandatory before you become a full-pledged and practicing professional. Prior to this, while still studying for graduation, a student in interior design is required to come up with a project, come up with an exhibit, and successfully defend it in front of peers and well-acknowledged referees of the field.

Full-pledged interior design practitioners work gainfully and lucratively in comfortable conditions, in real estate, communication and advertising industry, in visual art or as film or movie visual or photography consultant as well. Whatever the interior designer does, a lucrative salary follows. In 2009, the minimum annual entry salary for an interior designer is US$35,000. Designers who supervise a few or several people under them and have responsibility for decision-making earn about $62,000. Freelance interior designers or those who work for contract with another company earned $60,000. Creative directors or those who head the creative group of firms or companies earn $98,000. Interior designers with ownership interest or stake in the company earn $113,000.

Being an interior designer also brings a person to do creative work in areas like fashion design, photography, film editing, and film set design too. Indeed, there’s no limit as to what an interior designer can do.


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