In today’s competitive environment, studying at a Houston Graphic Design School provides students with much needed advantages.

Everything in our modern society has been designed by someone, from company logos and advertising billboards to the latest video game, and Houston Graphic Design Schools deliver the necessary qualifications for a rewarding career in design. There are a variety of schools to choose from, each one offering the best facilities and staff, with the added bonus of living in an exciting city. The courses include studies in traditional print and the cutting edge of electronic media. Students will learn the theory and the practical application for several disciplines. However, it’s not all work and no play! Away from studying, there is the Space Center, the Galleria shopping mall (the largest in Texas), several world-class museums and numerous parks and restaurants to explore.

To assist in selecting a Houston Graphic Design School or College, many campuses have Open Days. Some students may be eligible for financial aid or scholarships and this information is accessed through the Hinson-Hazlewood College Student Loan Program web site. Graduates benefit from the Careers Services departments at the various schools, which offer guidance on obtaining employment in industries, such as advertising, software development and desktop publishing.

The network of Art Institutes in the US, with its Associate, Bachelor and Certificate Programs, has an excellent reputation and the Art Institute of Houston includes design courses, such as Design and Technical Graphics, Typography, and Color Theory. Westwood College, which can be found in six states, has a School of Design with campuses in Houston, Dallas and Fort Worth. Students can choose from Graphic Design and Multimedia, Computer-Aided Design / Architectural Drafting, Animation, Game Art and Design, Interior Design, and Web Design and Multimedia.

The ITT Technical Institutes is another network that takes in many cities across several campuses. The Houston Graphic Design School faculty is located at Houston North, Houston South and Houston West. A stimulating list of courses includes Advertising and Marketing for Designers, Corporate Identity, 3-D Modeling, and Graphic Design for the Web.

University is another route to a career in design and the American InterContinental University offers Undergraduate and Graduate Degree Programs, including a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Communications – Digital Design. In addition to the School of Graphic Design in Houston, there are campuses in Los Angeles and London. Design Courses include Graphic Design, Game Design, Information Technology, Computer Science, and Multimedia.

The University of Houston School of Art also has programs for the budding graphic designer. The campus is situated in scenic woodland but is conveniently located for Downtown Houston. The curriculum has some interesting combinations, such as Photography/Digital Media and Sculpture and Graphic Communications. Students cover various subject areas, including Current Culture and Society, Book Design, Posters, Web Design, and Print Based Graphics.

The various Houston Graphic Design Schools, Colleges, and University departments have launched hundreds of careers over the years. They will go from strength to strength in a growing industry, providing a service to the local economy. For candidates with work or family commitments, there are part time, weekend and evening courses available. Alternatively, some students may prefer the convenience of an online program in Graphic Design.


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