Houston Art Programs: Diverse Opportunities for Passionate Art Students

Houston’s vibrant art scene, diverse art programs and healthy job market make it a popular destination for art students looking to further their education and foster their artistic passions.

With its vibrant local art galleries, eccentric culture and rapidly growing opportunities for emerging artists, it’s no wonder why Houston, Texas is such a popular school choice for art students looking to pursue their education through world-class art programs.

Houston’s art scene is considered friendly to the art novice, focusing more on the artist’s artwork and visual creations rather than his or her one-page resume. Because the art scene in Houston is not as saturated as the art scenes in other big cities, it’s considered a fantastic place for art students to pursue their passion, explore their career options and continue their art education — freely and openly, without discouragement.

It is this welcoming market that often draws art students to Houston to further their education. With so many art and design programs in the Houston area, students have not only a wide variety of art schools and art programs to choose from, but also a built-in community of budding artists with whom they can bond.

These Houston art schools have a wide variety of programs to suit any art student’s needs. A few popular programs include:

Painting: Art students can develop their painting skills and build an impressive portfolio through the studio work and theory studies that make up a degree in painting.

Sculpture: Often taking an interdisciplinary approach to art, degrees in sculpture typically encourage hybrid work and artistic exploration.

Graphic Design: Technology-inclined art students can delve into the world of computerized art with an advanced degree in graphic design while learning about color theory, typography and software that helps art students create everything from package designs to company logos.

Photography: When coupled with a digital media focus (as it is at the University of Houston School of Art) photography degrees take a comprehensive, high-tech approach to photographs to allow art students to explore new, diverse aspects of photography.

Interior Design: From space planning to usability, art students interested in interior design can learn how to create spaces that people can live, work and/or play in.

Culinary Arts: Artists who have a passion for food, cooking and baking can pursue a degree in culinary arts, spending time in the kitchen and learning techniques while also learning the business of menu management, kitchen management, cost control and more.

Animation: Study in both illustrated 2-D formats and computer-generated 3-D formats helps art students animate characters and objects to make them come alive.

Each of these art programs come with professional faculty and dedicated mentors who help guide art students through their academic journey. Career possibilities vary widely depending on the art program, but art students can become photographers, graphic designers, layout designers, advertising designers, interior designers, facility planners, curators, line cooks, chefs, video game artists, animators or even art professors after obtaining their degrees.

Careers in the Houston area are particularly appealing, not just because of the diverse art scene, but also for practical reasons: Houston is the fourth largest city in the United States, but it’s also the second-lowest when it comes to cost-of-living, making it affordable for students and artists alike.

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