If you’re looking for an exciting and rewarding career, then becoming an architect might just be the path for you.  In Texas, there is quite an offering of Houston architecture schools. Depending on what you’re looking for, you can find it amongst the various Houston architecture schools available.

Take for instance the Gerald D. Hines College of Architecture. They have classes in a variety of architectural fields such as general architecture, interior architecture, space architecture and industrial design. So no matter what field catches your interest, you can find it in Houston architecture schools.  There are also different academic programs depending on your level of education with various schools offering undergraduate, graduate and even high school programs for a head start into the architectural field. There are other schools such as Rice, where you can also get a degree in architecture as well. Be sure to research each school and find out their prerequisites, tuition costs, housing availability (if applicable) and extra costs such as books and lab fees.

There are a vast amount of jobs you can find after completing a Houston architecture school. From urban planning to ground constructing and designing buildings, the sky is the limit. Research what types of jobs are available in your area or other areas of the country if you have no issue with relocating after you graduate. It’s important to know what job opportunities are feasible and something you would enjoy as your career choice. However, with a degree in architecture there are many possibilities so a career change into a different field of architecture is possible if you change your mind.
There will be different courses of study in the array of Houston architecture schools.

Most likely you will start off with an introduction to architecture, a history of western architecture, architectural design technology, architectural structures, and then complete general studies in a variety of classes and electives such as English composition, public speaking, introduction to psychology and anthropology.
Some students enroll in a 4-year Bachelor’s degree program, and then remain in school an extra 2 to 3 years for a Master’s degree in architecture. You can also enroll in a 5-year program to get your Master’s degree in architecture. Whichever program you choose is based on your individual preference. If you think that you might want to change degree programs it’s best to start out in the Bachelor’s degree program instead of the 5-year Master’s degree program just to be certain. However, with the vast number of fields you can enter by attending Houston architecture schools, there are a number of choices after you graduate.

So while you are researching Houston architecture schools, be sure to weigh the differences to find the best school for your needs. Talk to an advisor at each school to find the perfect fit. Schools can range greatly in costs and curriculum and since this is one of the most important decisions you’ll make, be certain that the school you choose is the right one for you and your career path.


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