Why go to a Hawaiian Art School?

There are many art schools to choose from in Hawaii. Why go there to study art? Hawaii is home to many  botanical gardens and national parks that  sparkle the imagination and creativity. If you are a sculptor for example, you have beautiful  still lifes to model your art, right in your back yard.  Lush tropical foliage and the friendliness of the locals make Hawaii an ideal place to explore your artistic talents.  The added bonus is that you  spend  time in a very healthy climate.  Research shows that living in a climate such as Hawaii’s prevents diseases such as cancer.

Which art school should you choose?  It all depends on what interests you.  For example, if interior design captures your fancy,  Chaminade University in Honolulu offers a B.F.A. in Interior Design. For added inspiration, you can travel to Vineyard Boulevard to see Honolulu Botanical Gardens, home of five diverse gardens along the beautiful island of  Oahu. View lush orchids, palms, and other impressive tropical trees  for relaxation between classes.

Brigham Young University in Laie is a four year private school which offers bachelor’s degrees in painting, sculpture, music, and dramatic arts. In Laie, along the coast, is the Polynesian Cultural Center if you want to partake in the excitement of Polynesian dancing and lively music. There is much to see and learn about Polynesian culture in Laie. Right next door is the Laie Botanical Gardens. 

University of Hawaii, a public university, has campuses in Hilo and Honolulu. This school offers degree programs in the arts , design, and art teacher education.  Visit Hawaii Tropical Botanical Gardens located just north of Hilo on the Pacific coast. It is one of the most spectacular places in Hawaii. Waterfalls, hiking trails, and lush tropical plants of many varieties are nestled in this garden by the ocean, sheer motivation for the painter or sculptor. The boardwalk takes you  through the garden to breathtaking vistas, and is said to be a photographers heaven. The park is also disabled accessible.

For those who appreciate a good cup of java, Hawaii is the perfect place to spend time in a coffee shop sipping  one of  most robust, flavorful coffees in the world, Kona coffee, grown on the slopes of  family owned farms. During a break from art classes, why not visit Kona, Hawaii, on the Big Island,  for a tour of the oldest Kona coffee farm in the state.  Plus you can enjoy samplings of the coffees grown and brewed in Kona.

Another good reason to spend your art college years in Hawaii, is the Volcano Art Center Gallery in Hawai’i  Volcanoes National Park. This gallery exhibits many works of natural photography and paintings by artists from all over Hawaii. Why not enter your artwork in a competition at the Volcano Art Center Gallery? In this national park, you may study natural formations and learn how the Hawaiian islands were first born.  Where else can one witness the extreme beauty of  lava fields that have been in existence since the late eighteen hundreds?  An artist or scientist can appreciate the extraordinary sights offered while hiking through Volcanoes National Park‘s one hundred and fifty trails.

There is a breadth of experience in Hawaii waiting to be enjoyed by the artist to be.  And you do not have to enter a four year art school in order to enjoy the benefits. Hawaii has many community colleges that  teach the arts.  This is a good option for the economy minded student.  A person can attain an associate’s degree first, then transfer to a four year university later.  Community colleges also offer internships in local businesses/government such as galleries and parks. This can  be very beneficial  for the art student, because of the practical experience that he or she gains.  Start applying!

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