Graphic design is a form of art that acts as visual representation and communication by using words, images and composition to relay a distinct message. Graphic designers are required to communicate and interpret a client’s needs through their designs. Should you be interested in a career in this subject, there are many graphic design schools in North Carolina that can assist you on your creative journey. Whether you are interested in obtaining a degree, diploma or certification, you will find a variety of different options at these institutions.

Graphic art colleges are located throughout North Carolina, including in Chapel Hill, Greensboro, Charlotte and Mount Olive. Courses offered at these schools include: fashion, interior design, graphic design, advertising and design and digital media production. The graphic design syllabus offered by the art colleges in North Carolina is vast and includes courses in technical topics and two-dimensional design principles. Technical topics are broken down further into subjects such as fonts, typefaces, layers and scale, while two-dimensional principles focuses on details such as form, structure, contrast and texture. Some institutions even offer video tutoring options, which allow the students to visually interact and understand the principles being taught.

Other subjects taught in the graphic design schools in North Carolina include foundations, computer application and drawing and illustration. Students are also given the opportunity to learn about interactive design and the nature and representation of visual communication. There are many different career options that graphic designers can choose from. Among these are careers in graphic design, branding, illustration, and book design. A good graphic designer has general knowledge of business trends and is able to create an energetic piece of art that is relevant to its visual focus and falls within the client’s requirements. Graphic designers will have the option of working within the printing industry, with advertising agencies, creating packaging, or designing displays and exhibitions. Some graphic designers also specialize in digital media.

Whether you choose to work freelance or permanent, you will find the graphic design industry to be a vibrant and rewarding experience. Should you choose the publishing industry, you will potentially be working as an artist and required to assist or work with layout, photography and production of publications. In this field you are required to be a team player and must possess the necessary technical skills and design knowledge. In packaging, you could work as a packaging designer, where you will be responsible for promotional branding and the overall design of the product to help its position within the marketplace. Other job opportunities also include illustrator, type designer, web designer or art director. Art colleges in North Carolina will assist you on your journey, but before enrolling, confirm that you have sufficient information on each field in order to ensure your study criteria matches your chosen career path. You could be the next broadcast designer, logo designer or illustrator. All you need is a fresh outlook, a creative spirit and a winning personality, and you will succeed.


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