Integral to embarking on a successful career as a graphic designer is getting the best possible training in this competitive field. There are many graphic design schools in Canada, and it is important for potential students to identify their needs, capabilities, and ambitions before selecting a specific course, especially given the sometimes exorbitant cost of training. Nevertheless, after graduation, the rewards are considerable in this continually developing field of employment. Despite the global economic recession, the field of design and many other creative industry jobs have continued to develop, with employment opportunities in these areas continuing to grow, while other sectors have seen significant decline.

Graphic design schools in Canada include some of best in the world, including those located in British Columbia and Toronto. Graduating from a school with a good reputation increases the chances of students securing well-paid and challenging employment.

Some of the best graphic design programs in Canada combine the latest design concepts with basic marketing principles and the cultivation of creative problem-solving skills. Students are expected to complete projects focused on all aspects of graphic design, including advertising for newspapers and magazine, creating corporate identity and packaging designs, manual and digital illustration techniques, and the use of commonly utilized software programs, such as Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, and Flash.

One of the best graphic design programs in Canada is an accelerated program which enables students to fast-track their training and jump start their career in less than two years. This curriculum offers students the opportunity to acquire theoretical knowledge as well as practical abilities, making it easier for graduates to enter the design world ready to work effectively as part of a creative team.

Class sizes at the best graphic design schools and institutes in Canada are small, meaning teachers are able to get to know the students and their skills and talents intimately. As a result, students receive focused, individual assistance from experienced professionals whose expertise can give them an invaluable insight into this career. Instructors place a great deal of emphasis on professional conduct, and programs are regularly updated according to the changing needs and trends of the industry.

One of the biggest advantages to studying graphic design is Canada, and particularly in big cities like Toronto, is the exposure students get to the commercial world of design. For example, downtown Toronto has a high concentrations of design businesses, so there is plenty of opportunity for students to gain real-life experience during their studies. As a result, they are not only studying the principles of design, they are also immersed in the industry and design community, preparing them for the reality of the world of work.

One of the most important aspects for students in choosing the right graphic design school in Canada is the quality standards of the facilities and learning spaces, as well as the level of instruction available to students. As design is increasingly moving into the realm of computer technology, it is vital that students have access to the latest equipment and software in order to prepare them appropriately for a successful career at the cutting-edge of this progressive industry.


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