Graphic design is a well-established industry that offers students the opportunity to enter into a wide variety of different careers, from being a graphic designer in print journalism to designing websites or coordinating marketing strategies. Subsequently, there are many graphic design courses and programs to choose from and prospective students should study graphic design school rankings to find the best school to jump-start their careers.

Many graphic design school rankings not only consider the performance of the college, but also the success of its past students. From this perspective, Central St. Martin’s School of Art and Design in London is one of the forerunners, with such graphic designers as Tom Vek (musician and graphic designer) Kissy Sell Out (graphic designer and DJ).The school also enjoys national recognition, having been awarded the Queen’s Anniversary Prize in 1996 for its contribution to the field of fashion. Inevitably, the competition for admission at this established school is fierce but graduates enjoy a wealth of career options in and around the capital city.

Meanwhile, the Rhode Island School of Design appears on every graphic design school rankings listed on-line, whether it is confined to the US, or encompassing international schools as well. The Rhode Island School offers several different degree programs, all of which provide intensive instruction in the various fields of design. Students are encouraged to develop their own, individual design voice or style, while the course also focuses on the development of well-honed analytical problem solving skills.

Other schools that are regularly featured at the top of graphic design school rankings include the International Academy of Design in Toronto and the Florence Design Academy in Italy. The school in Toronto allows students to fast-track through the program in less than two years, enabling them to enter into the real world of design as quickly as possible. With Toronto boasting a thriving design industry, this is a great city from which to embark on a design career. The Florence Design Academy also offers a short course in the form of a one-year Master’s qualification. This is focused on developing the student’s familiarity with the latest design technology, assisting professionals and students alike in furthering their design capabilities.

Prospective students from the US have many choices within their own country, with numerous schools featured in graphic design school rankings located in the States. However, those students seeking a different cultural influence in their creative style or just a new life experience may find the answer in Melbourne, where the Australian Academy of Design not only offers a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design, but also a supportive community and state-of-the-art technology.

Obviously, not all graphic design school rankings are as impartial as they might be and many favor the schools of the US and UK, overlooking the excellent educational opportunities offered elsewhere in the world, and particularly Europe. The University of Art & Design in Helsinki, Finland has a strong research background and offers students a proficient program. The Umea Institute of Design in Sweden is another excellent European institute, while The Hong Kong Polytechnic University does plenty to uphold the reputation of design courses in Asia.


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