A quick search online told us that there must be hundreds if not thousands of graphic design programs available for students. With so many choices in graphic design programs we wondered what would work for the two members of our family who have their hearts set. Our daughter, who is just starting to think about her career, wants to explore the world, and not be tied down. My husband, who seriously is considering a career change, wants to be close to home. Both want graphic design programs that will “pay off” for them—on many levels.

As a family, our rationale for studying graphic design was clear: we wanted something creative— my husband and daughter both have a sense of visual expression –they’re good at getting messages across, visually— and we wanted something flexible. Now all we needed to know was if we were on track. So we ordered pizza and settled in to do an evening’s research on graphic design programs.

 Among other things, we wanted to know 1) what most graphic design programs offer, 2) what specialized focus certain graphic design programs offered, and 3) what the outlook is in terms of  career options upon completion of study. Pizza box empty, we got to the task. Here is what just one night of exploration revealed:

1. What Graphic Design Programs Offer: We found out that there are numerous programs— diplomas, associate’s and bachelor’s of science degrees. There are graphic design programs all over the USA in colleges, universities, technical and vocational schools. We learned that these graphic design programs are available in both a traditional classroom setting and online. (My husband was excited about a graphic design program he could do at home.)

2. Specialized Focus and/or Curriculum: Here we found job titles that intrigued both my husband and our daughter. My husband has been in marketing for most of his career so he loved the idea of the network of professionals he would work with as a graphic artist. Talking with clients, listening to their needs, then producing layouts and mockups seems right up his alley. On the other hand, my daughter has her mind set. She wants to be a webmaster doing web design from anywhere she happens to land.

Both are visual communicators alike in many ways, yet different. I can imagine this would be the case for many people interested in graphic design programs. Seems like a good-thing that  graphic design programs range from general graphic design, web design and interactive media, game art, media arts and entertainment, digital design,  and even residential planning, just to name a few.

3. Career Outlook and Options: This was the exciting part for us—in two ways. First, because we are a very entrepreneurial family, we seem to thrive in work environments that offer flexible schedules. We think it makes sense to work at 2:00 AM at times, and at other times take a Tuesday off just for relaxing. Second, because we want to be part of a growth industry where there is a need for our services.

Our initial investigation turned up statistics that indicate that graphic design program grads have a world of opportunity in the myriad communications media and advertising fields. More and more Web pages and multimedia products mean more and more jobs.  And 30% of graphic designers are self-employed.

Yes, the graphic design program fits right in with our expectations and work ethic.

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