If you are looking Graphic Design classes in Tennessee we have compiled a comprehensive list of courses from schools across the area. Feel free to browse Graphic Design classes in TN and search for schools to request information:

International Academy of Design and Technology

The Graphic Design program was designed to develop a fundamental understanding of the role of form, function, creativity and critical viewpoint in the creation of visual communications. Examination of the fundamental principles of visual shape and form, value, texture, and pattern prepare the student to apply the basic design elements of effective visual materials to the development, planning, production and presentation of print publications and basic web design.

GRAPH 110 Design Process

This course introduces students to the design process. Fundamental design processes and techniques are defined and examined.

GRAPH 280 Graphic Design III

This advanced studio course examines the process and purpose of graphic design at the professional level. Students are expected to incorporate effective studio design, research, and complex, multi-faceted problem methodologies in the creation of dynamic and innovative design solutions appropriate to a variety of coordinated media delivery systems.

GRAPH 160 Graphic Design I

This course examines complex and multi-faceted commercial design problems as a means of developing dynamic and innovative solutions. Design projects are analyzed according to their conceptual and graphical composition, and are developed to effectively and creatively communicate a message to a specific audience.

ITT Technical Institute – School of Drafting and Design 

The Graphic Design program in the School of Drafting and Design at ITT Technical Institute offers skills and knowledge to help graduates communicate ideas and concepts through print and electronic media. The program emphasizes creativity, visualization and critical thinking to help graduates generate technologically appropriate, functional and aesthetically pleasing graphic design. Instruction in design theory, graphic design tools and media production is included. The program also includes hands-on applications using equipment and software. 

The goal of this program is to teach skills that can help graduates become members of teams that design and produce traditional or electronic media for communication.

GR230 Graphic Design Studio I

The principles and language of graphic design including the analysis, organization and invention of two- and three- dimensional form for the purpose of communicating information through the varied means of graphic representation are explored in this course.

GR320 Graphic Design for the Web

Using current electronic media technologies, this course focuses on basic Web site design and development with emphasis on the intelligent and aesthetically cogent incorporation of still images and type.

GR410 Graphic Design Studio II

A continuation of Graphic Design Studio I, this course includes more complex graphic design projects. An emphasis is placed on larger and 3-dimensional projects, as well as brand identity.

The Art Institute of Tennessee

By providing you with the foundation you need to start a career in graphic design. The Art Institute system of schools, offers a large variety of programs leading to graphic design degrees tailored to meet the needs of a diverse industry. Check out the list below. No matter what direction you want to pursue in the exciting field of graphic design, we have a graphic design degree that is right for you for you. 


This course explores the methods and techniques of computer generated and/or manipulated images as solutions to illustration projects. Object-oriented graphics and paint system programs are used.


This course explores various means of indicating visual elements in page design. The ability to effectively integrate photographs, illustrations, and display and text type are developed using page composition software.


This course introduces some of the techniques, tools, and technologies associated with Web development. By identifying, interpreting, and implementing the roles and responsibilities of Web industry team members, students define, design, and develop an HTML-based Web site using standard authoring tools.


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