If you are looking for Graphic Design classes in Illinois we have compiled a comprehensive list of courses from schools across the area. Feel free to browse these Graphic Design classes in IL and search for schools to request information:

International Academy of Design and Technology

Graphic Design professionals are finding opportunities in the new world of technology. The Associate of Applied Science and Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree Programs in Visual Communications with a concentration in Graphic Design from the Academy can provide you with the skills training you need to prepare for a graphic design career.

GRAPH 250 Digital Layout

This course provides the fundamentals of publication design and page layout using a current, page-layout software to produce quality publications and print materials. The focus will also be on graphic design skills including composition, layout, and content.

GRAPH 160 Graphic Design I

This course examines complex and multi-faceted commercial design problems as a means of developing dynamic and innovative solutions. Design projects are analyzed according to their conceptual and graphical composition, and are developed to effectively and creatively communicate a message to a specific audience.

GRAPH 260 Graphic Design II

This course focuses on the role of the designer in the development of a media campaign. Processes and guidelines used in the creation of a design series are discussed, as are time and budget constraints. Thumbnail sketches, storyboards, hand-drawn exemplars, and classroom presentations are used to refine ideas prior to final rendering on the computer.

American Academy of Art

Students learn how to combine typography and images to create a wide variety of designs such as magazine and newspaper advertisements, television story boards, and product packaging and displays. They learn to use the elements of design to clearly communicate corporate image or personal identity. The success of their designs is dependent upon their mastery of the concepts of white space, color, headlines, copy blocks, photographs, original art, logotypes, borders and other typographic devices.

VC407 Graphic Design Internship

An internship is a monitored program where students work parttime in a professional workplace approved by their department, applying their knowledge, skills and professionalism in a program-related environment. The internship allows the student an opportunity to observe and participate in the operation of an industry-related organization and produce work that meets professional requirements.

DES201 Introduction to 2-D Design

This course is designed to offer students an introduction and understanding of the strategies, technical elements and tools used by graphic designers to solve problems when communicating visually. Directed 2-D assignments, initially concentrating in black-and-white media, will allow students to learn discipline-specific information, deliver experience via hands-on practice and create an understanding of the history and principles of graphic design.

VCM201 Visual Communications I

This advanced design course consists of instruction building on the graphic design principles covered in DES201 and 202. Topics covered include review of graphic design (fundamentals of typography, gestalt, balance, color) and directed projects that contain integrated design solutions, emphasizing use of materials and options for execution. Some projects will incorporate a team-building component. Examples include business identity systems, layout and editorial design, and multi-faceted design projects (e.g., corporate reports, corporate media kits, convention/event design). Emphasis will be placed on using the computer as a tool in project execution.

ITT Technical Institute – School of Drafting and Design

This program is designed for the individual interested in communicating ideas and concepts through print and electronic media. The program, through the application of fundamental design principles, emphasizes creativity, visualization and critical thinking to help students generate technologically appropriate, functional and aesthetically pleasing solutions for graphic design problems.

GR210 Graphic Illustration

This course provides an introduction to visual and spatial form and typography within contexts relevant to design of communication medium.

GR220 Digital Type and Image Manipulation I

This course focuses on image manipulation and typography with a focus on utilizing existing images and type to create new and unique compositions in a digital framework.

GR230 Graphic Design Studio I

The principles and language of graphic design including the analysis, organization and invention of two- and three- dimensional form for the purpose of communicating information through the varied means of graphic representation are explored in this course.


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