Are you trying to get your career as a graphic designer launched? If you feel that you have an eye for beauty and harmony in art and design, then perhaps a graphic design career would be perfect for you. But what options do you have in this career field? What available options do you have for studying the fascinating and creative field of graphic design?

A graphic design certificate is the most basic form of certification you can get in the graphic design field. It’s a great place for a budding graphic design artist to take their first steps of learning and growth. A low-level certificate usually takes about a year to attain, meaning that a person who is unsure whether graphic design is the right field for them doesn’t have to commit too much time but can still get an idea of what the graphic design field really means. Such certification programs are harder to find than full degree programs but allow for a lot of flexibility.  

An effective graphic design certificate program will teach you all the basics of the field. The lessons will cover such topics as typography, color coordination, layout, and using programs like Adobe Photoshop, Flash and Illustrator. Tips and information on history, marketing, psychology, and much more will also be covered in a productive certification program. The information provided in the lessons will take you from a level of complete lack of knowledge of graphic design to the level at which a professional graphic designer works and operates. Once you have gotten your graphic design certificate you are ready to either begin working professionally or continue your studies with an associates or bachelor’s degree in the field, or you can even attain both

The many career opportunities a graphic design certificate opens up to you make investing the necessary time and money involved an extremely wise career decision. With a graphic design diploma you not only have great knowledge in the field, you can go right into a great career. Advertising and marketing jobs are always open to skilled and talented graphic designers. Jobs with magazines and publishing companies also offer graphic designers the opportunity to make money while getting their work out in the public. There are also career opportunities open in printing companies, design firms, online businesses, animation companies, and also as a freelance graphic designer, to name a few that are available.

There are hundreds of graphic design schools all over the world and online that offer these graphic design certificate programs for extremely affordable tuitions. These programs all differ slightly in their ranges, themes, and topics covered, but are mostly similar. Depending on what you want and what field you want to work in, you can find graphic design courses focusing on web design, multimedia, animation, and many more. Check out schools and colleges in your area for the graphic design certificate program that will suit you best and that fits your budget, preference, and available schedule. A graphic design certificate is a great place to launch a productive and successful career.


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