In general, the graduation rate of art schools mirrors overall graduation rate trends that affect most four-year universities. Statistics show that in the past few years, there has been a gradual decline in the number of incoming freshmen who go on to complete the entire four-year program and obtain their degree. This is as true for art schools as it is for other post-secondary educational institutions.

Does this mean that students are less competent than they were in the past? Does it mean that the curriculum for art schools and other universities are becoming increasingly more challenging? Many who study the graduation rate of art schools and other colleges and universities believe that the decline is not so much a reflection of the quality of the students or of the instruction, but is more a reflection of the changing demographics. Nowadays, there are many more students who attempt to pursue a college degree than there were in decades past. Additionally, experts believe that liberal arts colleges feel the same economic crunch that plagues many aspects of the American economy in recent years, and financial circumstances make it a challenge for students to complete school.

The good news is, if you are concerned about the graduation rate of art schools, rest assured that any changes do not have to do with the quality of instruction, quality of fellow art students, or future job prospects for art school graduates. If you have your heart set on an education in the arts and have a game plan for making it happen, there is no reason to concern yourself with the graduation rate of art schools if you feel that you have the commitment to make it through.

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