A good photography school just doesn’t come out as plain as its name sounds or the beauty of the pictures on their brochures. There is always more than meets the eyes. 
Drawing up a list of best photography schools can be very technical, as different students have different needs and tastes which influence their judgments for different schools. A photography school that perfectly meets the needs of one student may not be the best for another student; hence, before choosing a photography school, students ought to consider some important factors.
Location is one major factor worth considering. Nearness to one’s community or city, or the commercial hub of certain places can really add value to a student’s learning experience. And when that is solved, students shouldn’t shove aside the courses and programs the faculties in the schools offer. They have to be the right courses and programs that the student wants to study, and there should be available jobs for graduates or alumni of the school.
Also, students ought to consider the academic cost of the school. A good photography school should have a considerable tuition that won’t drain the resources of their students. The availability of grants and scholarships are also worth taking note of. Also, many students from the urban or rural areas may want the similitude of “their world” represented in a school.
Finally, a good photography school would provide a concrete plan for quality internship programs. This gives students the avenue to express and improve on their talents and get exposed to the on-going trends of development in their fields of photography.

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