How do you define a good interior design college? It is actually very difficult to define a good interior design college because it is a personal choice. Each student has their own ideas and needs, and the best college for each student, is the college which meets those individual requirements. 
When considering colleges, a prospective student should consider various aspects of the college. The academic programs on offer and the faculty teaching those programs may be considered of prime importance. Whether a job placement or an internship is part of the program, would also need to be a consideration in a design course. Looking at what alternative courses are available, like photography, would also be an advantage. The cost of the program and any financing available, also whether a prospective student might receive a scholarship or a grant, would be important.
The location of the college, and its setting would also need to be considered carefully. Whether the college is located in an urban or rural setting would need to be thought about when looking at non-college facilities, and transport options.
What makes a good art college? This too involves considering various factors. One way is to look at the Alumni of the college and see if there are any successful designers amongst them. The facilities available at the college and the non-academic programs available to the student, would also be determining factors in what makes a good college. Students may be interested in sports, so looking into the colleges sporting achievements could be very useful in determining a good college. 
In the end, the choice is up to the student, choose wisely.

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