The explosion of social media websites along with constant hardware advances both in the PC and console areas are leading to a rapid expansion of the gaming industry and an increase in demand for game designers. But which are the really good game design programs? Choosing your educational path is a very serious dilemma and the choice itself is complicated, there are a lot of factors to take into account from location and facilities to deciding if you wish to pursue an online program or not. While an online program is certainly a modern and comfortable approach most faculties offer plenty of extracurricular activities on campus which are worth taking into consideration. Another deciding factor would be the cost of such a program as availability of funds can also limit your choices.

Generally speaking however, a good art college with a good game design program will need to offer the possibility of building a strong foundation of skills in both the technical and the artistic realms, skills that can also be used in other domains like computer graphics, animation or visual effects. For example motion capture is a popular technique in both video game and movie industry so a course in that would have a double benefit. The specifics of actually designing games must also be studied through specialized courses such as level design or character design. With a strong foundation and a specialization on game design one must also take into consideration employment opportunities after graduation, as some game development companies have their own programs and are able to facilitate employment much easier. The reverse is also true: good game design programs will have contracts with companies from the video game industry offering access to entry level positions for graduates.


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