Deciding on what are good game design colleges is not always an easy choice. It depends not only on the quality of the courses and the training at each college, but also on the specific needs of each student. 
When many students decide to go to a game design college they want one that offers a large variety of choice in courses, they want to know which grants and loans are available for those who need financial aid, they want competent professors who know their subjects, they want decent housing facilities, they want to know what activities are available when they need a break from studying, and finally, they want to know that they will be able to get a job in the field when they graduate.
While there are some colleges that are specifically aimed at game design; a traditional art school can also provide the proper education. The two basic courses that all good game design colleges must provide are courses in C++ computer programming and 3D graphics programming. Courses in drawing and drafting can also be important in game design, at the very least a course in how to create compelling game graphics is necessary.
It is important that a prospective student know which industry professionals have graduated from the college and how large a part the college plays in providing access to internships and/or job placement for their graduates; providing internships to their students is important in a game design college as there is nothing as powerful and helpful and learning on the job.

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