Choosing a good film school is an important first step in beginning your journey towards a career in film. But what makes a good film school? The definition of a good film school will be different for every student, depending on the goals they wish to achieve.

The first thing a student should look at when choosing a school is the types of degrees and classes they offer. If a student wants to direct, for example, look for a school that has courses in film directing, both basic and advanced. If you are looking for a basic, well rounded foundation of all the areas of film, look for a school that offers courses in all aspects of film, such as film production, film directing, set design, film editing, etc. a school with a flexible program that lets you design your own schedule may be the best fit. Research into different programs should narrow down you choices.

Next, decide where you want to go to film school. If you want to stay close to home, look into community colleges and nearby universities. If you want the best opportunities to get an internship and make industry contacts, you should look into school near major film industries, such as New York or the Los Angeles area.

Another important consideration is faculty and alumni. Did any famous filmmakers graduate from the school? This is no guarantee of employment, but it does add prestige to the school. Have the faculty actually worked in the film industry? A good film school will have teachers with industry experience.

Also consider extra curricular activities you may want to participate in. does the school have film clubs? If you want to play sports, do they have a decent sports program? Are there any student film projects offered? These things are important to consider when you are looking into schools.

Something else to look at is financing your education. Look into scholarships, both general and film specific. Contact potential schools financial aid departments to learn about scholarships you may qualify for.  Fill out the Federal Application For Student Aid, know as the FAFSA, to apply for Pell Grants, Stafford Loans, and other aid such as work study.  Also take into consideration housing costs, meal costs, and other expenses you may have, and budget for these expenses .

Finally, look into job placement programs that the school offers. Do they often have job leads? To they offer lifetime assistance, resume services, any other job search help? If you take your time and figure out which of these factors are most important, and research the school thouroghly,you should be successful in finding the best film school for you.



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