You dream of going to one of the really good film colleges. But which is the best one?

What makes a particular program or school great for one person may not suit another. Urban buzz may inspire you, or you may need the peace of a rural campus. You might want the scholarship offered by institution X, or you might be swayed by the sports program at college Y. So the question of what makes a good film college is hard to answer. It depends a great deal upon your own unique situation.

Take time to think about the actual program offered by each institution. Does a particular college emphasize those areas of film-making that interest you the most? Does its faculty include experienced directors and film-makers, as well as academics? Has the program produced famous and respected alumni? Will the program help you to join them, by guaranteeing internships or placements in competitive areas of the film industry? Will the scholarships available allow you to focus exclusively on your course?

Remember also that if you love the visual arts generally, you don’t have to specialize in film at this stage. Many programs at good photography colleges, or good graphic design colleges, may also offer plenty of film-making in their syllabus.

In the end, the best film college is the one that’s right for you. Be clear about your own needs first. Then you’ll be able to look at all the good film colleges out there, and pick the program that best supports your dreams.


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