Defining a good architecture school is like trying to explain an abstract painting. No matter how complex an abstract painting to our eyes, its beauty is portrayed by its strokes, lines and colors. In the case of an architecture school, its goodness will depend greatly on its facilities, job placement, faculties, alumni, programs, scholarships and internships, and everything that makes it up. Similar to an abstract painting, it will only create an appeal if all of the things that make it up are in accordance with one another. Defining it is not that easy, right? To give you a further understanding about, let us discuss the factors that build up a good architecture school.

A good architecture school should have the latest facilities, all working and in good condition. These are important since they facilitate and provide a suitable teaching and learning environment. These facilities should go with the best faculties. These are professional people experienced in the field of Architecture. Of course a suitable teaching environment should imply a suitable teacher.

The school’s programs, scholarships and internships also make up a good name. These should all be appropriate for the students. And they should all provide the students what they need. The efficiency of these three would be reflected by the alumni of the school. People will judge the school by the capability of the school’s alumni to land in a proper job and the length it took them to get one.

A good architecture school maybe is not defined, but it is shown and proven.

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