In making the crucial decision of choosing an animation school, it is important to understand one basic rule of thumb. Some individuals hold the belief that one school is ‘better’ than the next, however a more applicable perspective would be to assess each individual’s needs and preferences.
If cost and financing plays an essential factor, it is wise to compare several schools and get an idea of which offers the most for the money. Just as one would shop around for a new car which offers the most amenities for the money, the same rule applies when making a momentous decision as choosing a good art school
The location should be a major consideration as well. To avoid any potential conflict of commuting between school and being with family, the student should consider all conveniently located animation schools before making a commitment.
If there are interests in non-academic activities such as sports, a reference check to ensure there are programs available to meet those needs is a priority as well. 
The student will also want to consider the school’s staff and administration. Speaking with faculty members can give the student a keen sense and perspective of how the school is run and what advantages one school might have over another. Taking time to meet everyone involved in running the administration is a smart move.
In terms of which programs make an art school top-notch, there are a few essential considerations. For instance, 3-D animation is one aspect not to be overlooked. This could prove very valuable in learning the structure of animation. Ensuring the student will have access to the latest in technology is another top priority.
If cost is a major concern, a good idea would be to do some homework into obtaining a grant which could help with financing. Perhaps obtaining a scholarship to a particular school could prove to be a success. However, that one benefit should not be the deciding factor. Speaking with alumni who have had experience with an art program featured at the school of choice is another good idea. Former students can offer insight and advice which could be valuable in making the final decision. 
In conclusion, finding the proper school can significantly enrich a student’s life. It’s also important to note that deciding upon the most suitable animation/art school will take some time and effort. However, once that final step is put into motion, a rewarding future in the field of art will light the way.

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