Have you ever thought about getting into animation as a career option? Find the right school and get some tips on how to increase your chances of making it!

The face of animation has seen dramatic changes recently; it’s no longer about hand painting cells and laborious stop frame photography techniques. Digital technologies have advanced to include software animation and editing effects that open up a whole new realm of possibilities to the potential animator.

Consequently there are many factors to consider before rushing into an animation school. Some schools offer short courses that do little more than teach the use of a particular brand of software. These are fine if you want to learn something specific, but they can be expensive. Check websites to compare tuition fees and course outlines.

Alternately, if you’re looking to work in an animation sector of the film industry, you’ll need to apply to a reputable film school. Having the backing of a recognised institution increases your chances of getting into the industry drastically, and, for serious animators and film makers, the tuition fees are generally regarded as a worthwhile investment.

Many cities host film and animation schools, including some universities, but they are few and far between in rural areas, so it’s best to choose one that’s easy to travel to. If you’re really serious, consider moving to the city where it’s located. Online courses are available, but have obvious limitations.

The best animation schools will offer courses on both software manipulation and live animation, and teach intricacies such as the use of framing, and dramatic or humorous storytelling and its applications in current animation formats. Music video, advertising and commercial applications are also covered, though specialization depends on the school itself. More information can be found on their related websites.

Good schools produce good students, and the best schools have been the platforms from which the best and most successful animators have taken off. Do you have a favourite animator? Do some research and check out their film school. The more industry names it has produced, the better choice it will be for anyone serious about breaking into this fascinating and ever-evolving industry.

A wide range of facilities are available in certain schools, so of course it’s best to decide which branch of animation you’d like to break into, and choose accordingly. Some offer scholarships and grants to talented candidates, so creating a demo reel for submission is vital.

Competition for work in the top studio’s is fierce, so if you’re planning on a career working on blockbuster animated movies, you’d better be ready to take the pressure! If other sorts of animation are what interest you, there are plenty of jobs in television, advertising and online graphics that might be the right way to go… Animation is a craft, and as personal as any artform. Animation can also include related courses such as photography, lighting, matte painting, or prop/model making.

The more established film schools all offer excellent courses in every aspect of animation, and are recommended for the serious animator.

Whichever branch of animation you choose to follow, or whichever section of the industry you wish to work in, there’s an animation school that’s right for you!

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