For anyone looking to attend a Georgia film school, you will be pleased to know of the many opportunities available to you within the peach state.  Not only does virtually every major university in the state offer media-related programs, but the region also provides access to many smaller, technical colleges that focus on film and photography as well.  In fact, many would be surprised not only at how many Georgia film schools there are, but also the quality of education that they provide.  The state of Georgia has a surprisingly strong media-based set of education programs compared to most other states in the US. 

Thanks to the strength of the media industry within the city of Atlanta, there is much support for the many fine film programs that dot the state.  Atlanta-based broadcasting companies, such as Turner Broadcasting, CNN and The Weather Channel help to drive the quality of the area’s film, broadcasting, photography and media programs.  Being one of the largest cities in America, Atlanta’s media industry makes the city an ultra-modern place to live and study the art of film production.  Opportunities exist to not only tour the sets of some of the largest broadcasting companies in the world, but also to get behind-the-scenes to see how the pros do it.  The future film student may also find themselves with an offer to work as an intern at some of the most exciting media companies in the US.

The region’s film schools provide plenty of selection for the future photographer, director, graphic designer and even interior designer.  A typical program in “filmology” may include a history of film, how to assemble a script, finding financial resources to produce your film, how to direct, cinematography and graphic design, production design, costume and makeup, post production film editing and how to market your film.  In addition, many of these programs offer courses in leadership, how to deal with people and how to handle adversity.

Whether you wish to be behind the scenes or in front of them, the Georgia film schools offer some of the best preparations for the up-and-coming director, graphic artist, special effects designer and photographer.  Even fashion designers will find programs tailored to their needs (no pun intended).  After all, costume design is often overlooked, yet a critical part of any professional production.  Those students wishing to study architecture will also find excellent programs of study in the state and may find themselves one day designing elaborate production sets rather than the traditional office building.

In summary, the Georgia film schools offer every type of program of study available for students.  From drawing to directing and everything in-between, any student having the desire to study the arts of broadcasting and film production will be pleasantly surprised at the many options available to them in the area.  With a strong regional media industry providing support, the local programs can provide not only the educational background but also real-world experience to up-and-coming talent.  So while the stars all flock west to Hollywood, those that create the stars often find themselves back east, deep in the heart of Dixie in a Georgia film school.

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