Among the rapidly growing states in the United States, Georgia is the most productive state which has a massive growth in population of over 9 million in 2007. Georgia’s economy has boomed with the induction of the rapidly shifting demographics. Healthcare and computer industries are the fastest growing job fields in Georgia. Moreover, your career in the competitive market can be shinned by getting an architecture degree from many available Georgia architecture school. There are 52 private and 74 public universities and colleges in the state, additionally; many vocational and technical schools are providing architectural classes both on the campus or online.

Why Architecture is Important?

People from all over the world, as well as Georgia, demand safe and efficient places to learn, live, work, play, worship, eat, meet and shop, which can be converted into needs to concepts by an architecture. Architects from Georgia architecture schools are capable to transform the concepts into functional building plans and carry out economical and safe constructions. To keep the continued feasibility of Georgia cities, new architecture is very much important and if you are fascinated in designing buildings for the betterment of mass people, consider getting an architecture degree from one of the available Georgia architecture schools.

Why You Will Study Architecture at Georgia?

In Georgia, you can find architecture programs in the Georgia Techn, Southern Polytechnic State University situated at Marietta, GA, and Savannah College of Art and Design located at Savannah, GA. Course requirement at every Georgia architecture school includes fundamentals of structure, history of architecture and environmental systems along with design integration. Most of the schools offer the degrees stated below:

• Bachelor of Science in Architecture in Urban Design
• Bachelor of Science in Architecture in Architectural History, Criticism and Theory
• Bachelor of Science in Architectural Technology

Where to Study Architecture at Georgia?

The College of Architecture covers academics in theory and history with the technological areas in technology and design computing. Five deferent concentrations are offered within its architecture degree programs. After completing this program, participants can continue with graduate level of can start working in the building industry, architectural firms and government services. Georgia Institute of Technology is located at Atlanta, which is of 400 acres property, raked consistently as one of the top public universities in the US. This university serves 19,000 pupils every year through its 6 colleges and/or schools, featuring a pre-professional undergraduate program, two master’s degree as well as PhD’s in professional architecture.


A student who finished the 4-year of pre professional Architectural course might pursue a 2 year course of Masters in Architecture; other Architectural students would need to take a 3-1/2 year’s course program. This Architectural course programs may allow students to study design as well as visual arts, criticisms and theories, social practices in architectural technologies. Every major components area needs to get one to four core areas. A student finishes their degrees with an elective course and they also must take Masters Feasibility subjects or thesis. The students of College of Architecture can select from the 12 hour certificate courses for specializations.

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