Are you hoping to break into the world of game design? Schools within Seattle aim to make entering the world of game design a lot easier. Do you feel you have the next smash hit in game play yet lack the technical skills required to see your project thought in fruition? If you adore game play and would like to turn your passion into a career see what a top game design school in Seattle has to offer you. The industry of game design has propelled itself into a multi billion dollar business.

A profession previously associated with geeky young teenagers is now attracting hopefuls from every walk of life. Facets of game design are present within our daily lives from the medical and teaching professions to within our communication systems and simulation programs. Gaming is now recognized as one of Americas favorite pastimes. Game design schools within Seattle offer excellence across the board. To acquire success within the industry graduates are required to possess not only a strong capability towards the practicalities of game play but also a sound knowledge of the theories and technicalities behind the world of gaming. Educational programs within Seattle range from certificate courses to Bachelor degree programs. Certificates provide a perfect opportunity to those looking to test and taste the world of gaming before committing to a 4 year program of study. Designers looking to get ahead in the industry are advised to undertake a bachelor degree program. Schools within Seattle ensure their programs are delivered by highly trained industry orientated individuals. Classrooms are modern and spacious allowing learning to take place effortlessly.

Schools encourage a ‘hands on’ approach allowing students to test newly acquired skills while under a watchful eye. Throughout the duration of studies, students will be required to produce industry driven portfolios; this will prove to be an invaluable asset upon entry to the workforce allowing future employers to see your work as both innovative and original. Seattle offers endless opportunities for graduates within the world game design. Microsoft, Philips and T-mobile are only a few of the international names that may be found within the area, these companies along with smaller design firms offer entry level positions to fresh new designers. After attaining relevant experience within the field of game design and building a strong network of contacts, some designers choose to enter the world of freelance. Seattle provides something for students and locals alike during their free time. Founder to the music scene of grunge, Seattle is a city that not only encourages but adores music expression, local concerts and music gigs are always a top hit with many students for a fun filled night.

To gain a recluse from stressful study periods choose one of the unique coffee houses for relaxation or an energy boost. Museums, cultural centers, art galleries and theaters are plentiful and are the perfect leisure activities for satisfying your artistic elements. Clubs, bars and restaurants are in abundance and will cater to you every need from “cheap and cheerful” to an exquisite night you’ll never forget. Seattle will occupy your every free moment.

If you would like to have a successful career within game design, allow a leading game design school in Seattle to provide you with the educational foundation you will need.


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