Career With Gaming Design In Mind

Looking for a game design college that will help you launch into your dream career of game designing? Well here’s an informative list of colleges that you may be interested in.
1. Located in Tempe, Arizona, Collins College offers a wide array of game design careers to learn. Some of those careers include motion editor, production assistant, level game designer, and quality assurance tester. You will learn the basics of making a video game and even artificial intelligence. Collins College also offers great resources such as tutoring, a mentoring program, campus WiFi, scholarships, and career services. You can graduate with a BA in film and video production, game design, graphic design, interior design, and visual art with a game art major.. Also, you can graduate with an AA in graphic design and digital video production. All in all, Collins is a great college for anyone with a knack for designing.
2. Located in San Francisco, California, Academy of Art University gives you the opportunity to major in various careers, some of which include game design, web design and media, fashion, photography, and motion picture & television. An added feature is that you have the option to study online if you want to. There’s a large amount of careers for game design you will be able to do. Executive producer, producer, and character animator are among some of many options. The Academy of Art University is very diverse and the options for career paths are endless.
3. Located in Boca Raton, Florida, Digital Media Art College offers the opportunity for you to receive your BFA in computer animation, advertising design, and graphic design. You could also get your MFA in special effects animation and graphic design. With your BFA degree you can obtain a career as a game designer, modeler, graphic designer, animator, website designer, and other careers. Tuition for obtaining a BFA is $7,425 per semester, and tuition to obtain a MFA is $11,925 per semester.
4. With over one hundred locations all across the United States, ITT Technical Institute offers a digital entertainment and game design program. The program focuses on preparing you for different game design careers, and you will learn the foundation for digital game design with subjects including animation and gaming technology. Once all courses are completed you’ll graduate with a Bachelor of Science Degree. ITT also offers the ability to study online.
5. Located all over the United States, Westwood College offers a Bachelor’s Degree in game art. You will learn about different skills for game and interactive software, and art and animation techniques. You will also learn about 2D artistry and 3D modeling. You will be informed about how to handle and manage different situations and challenges that happen when you’re in the game development industry. When you graduate you will be able to advance to entry-level game art careers such as graphic designer, quality assurance game tester, and 3D character modeler. Westwood College also offers the ability to take courses online.
Finally, gaming can offer a promising future.  A game design career can pay upwards of $43,000 per year. To start on the path check out some of the colleges listed above or you can check with librarians, guidance counselors and career advisors for more information and tips on how to have a successful game design career.

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