If you are looking for Game Design classes in Illinois we have compiled a comprehensive list of courses from schools across the area. Feel free to browse these Game Design classes in IL and search for schools to request information:

International Academy of Design and Technology

Career opportunities are rising in Game Design. The video game industry is growing and so are the companies and designers that produce these games. The Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Visual Communications with a concentration in Game Design from the Academy can teach skills in principles and techniques used to create interactive 2D and 3D computer games.

GAME 105 Drawing Techniques I

This course presents design concepts and techniques that are used to create media assets for production-based projects. Students will study prop design, perspective, character, and environment design.

GAME 390 Game Animation

This course focuses on the creation 3D animated cycles, characters, and props for computer games using animation software. Topics include the development of walk cycles, linking and hierarchies, and forward and inverse kinematics.

GAME 205 Modeling I

Students will have the opportunity to learn to navigate a 3D interface and to use modeling tools to create and manipulate polygonal components to generate models with emphasis on appropriate techniques.

GAME 350 Game Production I

Students will have the opportunity to acquire the integration skills needed to successfully build a 3D game. Using a Game Engine they will explore both the technical construction and practical design of games in a 3D game engine. The technical skills required to use the game engine software are combined with utilizing level creation, constructing an interface, and defining the user’s interaction with the game world.

ITT Technical Institute – School of Drafting and Design

The purpose of this program is to help graduates prepare for career opportunities in a variety of entry-level positions involving technology associated with designing and developing digital games and multimedia applications. Courses in this program offer a foundation in digital game design (through the study of subjects such as gaming technology, game design process, animation, level design) and general education subjects.

GD310 Managing Game Development

This course offers an overview for the game design process, from the concept phase to the final delivery phase. Topics include project management and game design documents.

GD340 Creative Writing and Storyboarding for Games

This course examines how creative writing techniques can be used to develop game interactions for helping to maintain the players interest. Key elements include: translating rough ideas into a workable script; development of the storyboard based on the principles of storytelling, plot, conflict, action and character development; and camera angles, camera moves and character posing.

GD350 Game Design Strategies

This course explores game design concepts, such as challenge, reward, penalties, game balance, level of difficulty, artificial intelligence, game genres and the social aspects of gaming. A group project involves designing a simple 2D computer game.

GD330 Game Design Process

This course introduces issues inherent in the process of game design. Topics of instruction include the skills and tools needed for story and character development, game design, pre-production, prototyping, testing, end-user testing, human interface, content development and communication documents.

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