If you are looking for Game Design classes in California we have compiled a comprehensive list of courses from schools across the area. Feel free to browse these Game Design classes in CA and search for schools to request information:

The Los Angeles Film Schools

Playing games just isn’t enough. You’re ready to take your prowess and start building the next generation of video games.




In the Game Programming course, students are introduced to computer programming from a game production perspective. Utilizing an industry-standard scripting language, students learn fundamental programming concepts while writing minigames. Topics include types, variables, conditions, loops, data structures, functions, and objects.


The Game Design course introduces students to the concepts and methods of computer and video game design from a practical point of view. Students in this course learn to implement game systems and mechanics on a digital platform. From concept to prototype to fi nished product, students use software tools and programming to turn ideas into playable content.

Academy of Art University

Games and interactive immersive worlds provide not only entertainment, but education, cultural enrichment, and groundbreaking social interaction. There is no limit to the potential in this field, which is quickly becoming the premiere medium for cultural storytelling, information and entertainment. Virtual worlds and interactive environments touch every part of our lives, from the games we play to the phones we use.

GAM 201: 3D Modeling for Games 1

In this course, students have their first in-depth experience with 3D modeling software. Concepts introduced include real-time rendering specs, polygons, vertices, UV mapping, simple texture techniques, digital photography and paint, and unwrapping.

GAM 315: Flash Animation for Games

This course covers the concepts of Flash animation for games. Students will learn the fundamentals of using Flash software, and techniques for creating vector graphic images and interactive animation that are particular to the game industry. Students will learn to incorporate Maya 3D into Flash animation to enhance the art quality.

International Academy of Design and Technology

The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Game Production program is a comprehensive program emphasizing multiple aspects of game production. Students will have an opportunity to develop knowledge, skills and competence in asset development and integration, game play, team collaboration, written and verbal communication, and business operations. In addition, students will be engaged in the integration of theory, process, and digital assets that lead to successful production of games.

GAME 125 User Interface

The course introduces students to usability and interface design. Students have the opportunity to create designs for various interfaces using fundamental layout and design theory skills.

GAME 210 Game Play Scripting I

This course introduces students to the fundamental concepts of the Adobe Flash environment and ActionScript scripting for creating games, prototypes, and tutorials. Students will have the opportunity to gain proficiency in the use of scripting and interactivity techniques to create games that convey effective timing, style, and animation.

ITT Technical Institute – School of Drafting and Design

The purpose of this program is to help graduates prepare for career opportunities in a variety of entry-level positions involving technology associated with the design and development of digital games and multimedia applications. Courses in this program offer a foundation in digital game design through the study of subjects such as gaming technology, game design process, animation, level design and general education coursework.

GD330 Game Design Process

This course introduces issues inherent in the process of game design. Topics of instruction include the skills and tools needed for story and character development, game design, pre-production, prototyping, testing, end-user testing, human interface, content development and communication documents.

GD400 Game Interface Design

This course examines the navigation and control, visual appeal, and functional aspects of the game interface. Case studies of successful and unsuccessful user interfaces are used to illustrate and evaluate the effectiveness of user interface designs.

The Art Institute of California

The bachelor’s program in Game Art & Design offers a broad range of work-ready design and technology competencies focused on career paths in the specialty of game art. Students will acquire a combination of skills in drawing, perspective, 2-D design, and animation. They will study lighting and scene setup, color theory, anatomy and gesture, as well as explore motion maps, characters, level design, and prototyping.

MM3302 Intermediate Authoring

An intermediate-level course in scripting and animation for games where students will script interaction, sequencing and motion for interactive projects.

MM3322 Multi-user Authoring

This course provides an exploration of advanced authoring techniques for multi-user interaction design. This course examines the concepts and techniques for developing multiuser game and communication projects.

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